Afraid of cataract operation

My company doctor recently confirmed that I have cataract in one of my eyes and referred me to the teaching hospital for surgery. However, I am afraid of eye operation. Kindly enlighten me on this ailment and the required operation. I am 67 years old and not diabetic or hypertensive.

Danlami (by SMS)


Cataract is the leading cause of blindness worldwide. It can affect either or both eyes. While cataract is commonly associated with ageing, not everyone who suffers from it is old. Some children are born with cataract (congenital cataracts) and, in these cases, early detection and treatment is critical to prevent permanent damage. As well as being hereditary, other causes of cataract can include eye trauma, sunlight exposure, diabetes, genetic disorders or dehydration in children from severe diarrheal infection and fevers, and even some medications. Cataract is treated with a straightforward, 20-minute surgery, which when performed by a qualified ophthalmologist, is very safe and effective.