6 die of cholera in Oshodi-Isolo after ingesting local salad, 45 other cases reported

  • We’re working to contain outbreak – LSMOH

NO fewer than six people have been reported dead in Oshodi-Isolo Local Council District Area (LCDA) over an outbreak of cholera disease in some communities.

The ingestion of a contaminated salad known as Abacha, a staple food of residents of Isolo LCDA and adjourning Local Government Areas (LGA), is suspected to be the main cause of the outbreak.

The Lagos State Commissioner for Health, Dr Idris Jide, confirmed the outbreak in a statement made available to LagosMetro on Thursday.

About 45 cases have been line-listed by the epidemiology unit of the Lagos State Ministry of Health for intensive medical care.

According to the report by the Lagos State Ministry of Health, majority of the cases did not manifest the classical rice-water stool, but rather, an atypical diarrhoea and vomiting and death.

The ano-rectal swabs were collected from 15 cases and taken to the Central Public Health Laboratory, Yaba, which revealed the presence of Vibro cholerae from seven out of the 15 samples, later confirmed to be Ogawa strain.

The sample of the Abacha salad and domestic well water, taken to the Lagos State Drug Quality Control Laboratory for analysis, confirmed the presence of Vibrio cholera, Salmonella spp and E.coli in the sample of the Abacha and two of the domestic wells.

Reacting to the epidemic, Jide said, that the three vendors of the contaminated Abacha at the Cele Bus Stop has been identified.

He also said that “the Chlorination of water supply has been intensified, awareness campaign is on-going and cases are been promptly diagnosed and appropriately managed in our hospitals. We have instituted measures towards quick containment and control of the outbreak.”

He enjoined the public to maintain good hygiene, regularly wash hands with soap and water especially after using the rest room, cook food and water sources and keep all cooking utensils, plates, cutleries, cups and other materials clean before and after use.