2019 and Oyomesi

SOMETHING sinister is brewing in Oyo APC. It is about succession scheme. It should ordinarily be the usual Ibadan vs others’ age-long majority/minority dichotomy and rotational agitation. But the simmering lava is disproportionate to what is at stake.

Governorship should be about service and the people (at least the majority) should be at will to determine who gets what. The voting population make of Oyo State isn’t fair to the minorities. The state isn’t in isolation when it comes to a major ethnic grouping, serving as winning voting bloc. Ibadan is to Oyo, what Igala is to Kogi, Urhobo to Delta, Tiv to Benue and et al. In all these states, the dominant ethnic groupings call the main political shots and while it is fair and just for other smaller ethnic groupings to have a bite at the cheery, only two plausible options, by human calculations, are open to such equity-demanding minorities; constitution amendment or negotiations. One should, however, not rule out Kogi’s kind of divine intervention. Another likely route is also the consanguinity factor that brought in Itsekiri-born Emmanuel Uduaghan. Even in Oyo state, God used late Ibadan political deity, Chief Lamidi Adedibu as a tool for Ogbomosho-born Adebayo Alao-Akala governorship.

Without doubt, 2019 is still going to be Ibadan’s soo (show) and it is almost suo (sure), Agodi’s next tenant will bear all the historical city’s imprints. Opponents of another Ibadan man or woman succeeding outgoing Ibadan-born Ishaq Ajimobi, may say it is immoral. I won’t dissect the morality question for too long, because I’m a firm disciple of que sera sera (what will be, will be). If all the probables are saying their chances and future are in God’s hands, why then the resort to self-help by seeking to use state power to cripple others? Why the planned spurious petitions against the perceived Ibadan front-runners by another front-running minority? Is being in Abuja now a licence to dangle Ibrahim Magu as the nightmare of other aspirants? Does history, even as recent as yesterday, say something to these “hawks”?

Yes, in a nation baying for the blood of “the corrupt” (negligible few aren’t and you can’t even add our president for now), any gubernatorial aspirant summoned by Magu’s men, will likely have his electoral value and chances, no matter how high and bright, blown by half, once his the story gets into public space. But that such fellow won’t be governor, would mean God had not decreed it. No human force can stop divine agenda. Is anyone in doubt, consider Walter Nkanu Sylvester Onnoghen.


Et tu Segun Oni?

On October 15, 2010, when Ayo Salami and his men removed Chief Segun Oni as Ekiti governor, the gentleman politician had said while moving out of the government house he would not (meaning NEVER) seek the seat again. Seven years after, the one considered to be of higher moral standing than many in his chosen pastime, is seeking the seat AGAIN. Should that detract from his celebrated credibility, I don’t think so. I’m not a moralist, I’m a firm believer of God and His completely exclusive ways. If God had another gubernatorial run for Oni, no mortal can stop it. Shikena. It is just still befuddling that Oni could be comfortable drinking from same jar as his erstwhile tormentors who practically flung him out of the governorship seat, going as far as humiliating his memory and memento in Ekiti’s governors’ roll-call, before the one he considers an enemy that must become history, wiped his shame. Are we ever going to understand how politicians’ minds work? As if I knew both foes; Oni and his conqueror; Kayode Fayemi, would live happily ever after, I just didn’t allow my positive sentiments for him to override professionalism in the coverage of the mandate tussle at the NJC. Oni had nothing, I mean nothing, to gratify anyone with, but there was something about his demeanor donning those white three-piece agbada that spoke to a cheated fellow. Well, Oni is today enjoying the political warmth of his oppressors and if preliminary campaign signals are correctly picked, he could become a battle-axe in the hand of a faction of his erstwhile “enemies.” He could be racing mainly against a known foe for the APC ticket and he would surely need a sharper edge to cut deep enough for a defeating damage, this time around. But there is something not just starting, exciting about his gubernatorial project. The needed lustre is startlingly lacking. But since Oni is more of a project, a late rally could land him the APC ticket. Ekiti State has become an acid test for both APC and PDP. Whoever will be the face of the deadly match-up must be ready for acidic damage. Stories yet untold could spill, to forever taint well-starched integrity. Oni is hopefully prepared. But again, he has a precedent of a comeback-kid. He became candidate the last time without topping primaries. He “won” effortlessly, “lost” effortlessly and “exited” effortlessly. Who says he can’t “return” effortlessly.