Yet another obnoxious bill

There is another bill now being processed in the Senate. The proponent of the bill is asking for the scope of corruption to be widened. The bill is proposing for immunity to be extended to principal officers of the legislative arms like the speaker, his or her deputy, the Senate president and deputy so that they can enjoy impunity and gains of corruption for as long as they can continue to rig themselves into their respective positions in the chambers.

This is not new in this dispensation that is known for corruption and impunity. One is asking for amnesty for those killing us. One arm in the upper chamber is asking for amnesty packages and training for those killing, maiming and destroying lives and properties, including the destruction farm lands, and another is now asking for the extension of scope of corruption.

Who did we really offend in this nation that we are experiencing this misfortune? However this extension should not be limited to the legislative arms alone as sauce for the goose is also sauce for the gander. I, therefore, suggest that in the executive, apart from the president and vice president, the ministers, the director-generals of government parastatals and permanent secretaries that are under the executive should also enjoy same for the reasons the proponent of the bill has mentioned.

Also, the judiciary should not be left out of the largesse; magistrates, judges and of course the Chief Judge of Nigeria should also enjoy the immunity. Thank God that among the criminals, Boko Haram is already enjoying immunity. Let other members in the legislative arm wake up and think of other areas and people that can also enjoy immunity.

By the time we continue to give immunity to criminals during the life of this administration, the desired change mantra that forms the basis of the coming of this noble government would have been achieved for the progress and social economic development of this government.

Marcus Jadson




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