Users can’t afford to be offline ― social media expert

A Social Media influencer, Fatuntele Lukmon Tunde, popularly called Misterkobz, has disclosed that an active social media user can’t afford to be offline as to brand, grow the account, engage the audience and build meaningful relationships through social advocacy.

“To be online and active during the day makes one push trends as clients are always on the neck for updates, however, no choice than to stay online and active,” he emphasised.

Fatuntele, who has worked with many top brands on different projects across the country, further stressed that social media account suspension, especially Twitter has been one of the major challenges as they own the platform and they have their rules, hence, no hard feelings.

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He stated that the only difference between success and failure is the perception towards them and how one handles both of them.

“To be very frank, success is what makes you happy when it comes to you, it changes your attitude towards everything. Everyone loves to be successful.”

He added: ”One of life’s lessons is always moving on as its okay to look back to see how far one has gone but keep moving forward will always be the vibe, moreover, what’s done is done and what’s gone is gone.

“The first thing you need as an entrepreneur is a drive, before the skills. Even if you don’t have the skills, the drive will push you to acquire skills and also consistency is a major key as diversification is my way of life.

”However, a top social media brander or influencer needs first-hand information to create first-class contents,” he submitted.


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