Unswerving money-making model

moneySome years back, many people used to put on social media—the amount of money they were making per-hour. Some would say they were making as high as 1million naira per-hour, making money-making look so mysterious. In Nigeria, when you make known that you are making millions, loads of folks would start seeing you as herculean, almost worshipping you. And to make people worship them for a very long time, they make money-making appear inexplicable and puzzling.

The truth is; money-making is not mysterious at all. And it is not for out of the ordinary class of people. Also, money-making has nothing to do with the social standing of both your dad and mom. What am I trying to say? I am trying to say that anyone who is interested in making money can actually do so. Commit this to memory: you cannot attract what you are not interested in.

The question is; are you interested in making money? If yes, then kindly follow me as I unravel to you—some non-negotiable money-making principles that will change your life and that of your family forever. After reading through this piece and you put into practice what I am sharing here, high-finances would definitely start flowing in the direction of you. This is non-negotiable.

To start with, money is the by-product of standing for the finest within you and doing some seriously exceptionally work. Let me first single out the issue of you standing for the finest with you. There is a rock-solid value trapped within you, waiting for you to be set free. It is like a caged bird. Remember, until you set it free, forget about attracting high finances.

What you have on the inside of you is so powerful. And I implore you to creatively birth it. Many people will not be satisfied until they taste your wine. It is like a high-valued wine that people are willing to pay a huge amount of money to get. The nations of the earth are waiting fretfully and anxiously for it. Governors want to taste it. Presidents want to taste it. Permanent Secretaries want to taste it. Can you see how important what you are carrying is?

Life remains mind-numbing, untiring and monochrome until you birth the life-changing value you are loaded with. Until I birthed mine, the life I was living—was very boring and run of the mill. It was when I birthed mine and began to consistently and creatively run with it—honing it with quality relationships and hard-work—that my life began to move northward. If you can walk in shoe-leather what I am sharing with you right now, you are going to return later to thank me.

No one enjoys life and would want to commit suicide. It is impossible! It is only when life becomes mind-numbing and unexciting that people usually want to commit suicide. You can safe yourself from mind-numbing way of life by giving birth to what you are pregnant with. Everyone is talking about “Mbappe” today because he has been able to birth what he can do and he is daily working very hard, polishing it innovatively.

Mbappe (one of the French finest senior national team players) does not struggle to play a good and modish football. He smiles always—while kicking the round-leather. This is what happens when you are swimming on the inside of your own pool—your own power-slot. Buddy, what can you exceptionally do that is still helplessly trapped on the inside of you? Give birth to it today and start running with—with all your strength.

After giving birth to what you do have on the inside of you, then go ahead and do it exceptionally. This is where awe-inspiring skills come in. Too many people play football, but those who win laurels are only a few. Many people are playing lawn tennis, but only a few are known globally, playing it. Until you can do exceptionally what you are capable to do, forget about being outstanding, doing it. And until this happens, you cannot attract high finances.

Once you can do it exceptionally, the next thing you need to do—is to look for relevant relationships that will give you the required visibility that you need. This is why you cannot afford to be proud as many people are today. Be humble. Be respectful. Talk to people politely. Do not look down on anyone. Remember, those who are going to help you in life will be met with at atypical and unusual places, so be sensitive.

You are not likely going to know and meet directly those who have the kind of money you are looking for. Most times, you are going to meet with those who thoroughly and confidentially know them. What’s mind-blowing about the whole issue is that you would need to be sensitive to discover them. Those who know those who have the type of money you are looking for rarely look like it. You can meet with someone who knows someone who knows someone who knows a president—at a car park. From today, watch the way you treat folks. Just one act of kindness shown to you, you’d be made forever!

To break into a particular field of purpose, you may need to render free of charge, what you do exceptionally. The reason many people are poor today is because they do not know that high-paying jobs usually reside on the inside of the house of free jobs. Remember, those who are being paid heavily today started by being paid nothing. They built what they are doing from ground-up.

Why can’t you start today? Get out of your house and go look for places where you can add value without being paid a dime. Are you a software engineer? Go and look for companies that you can exceptionally serve for free with your rare skills. When you are going, they will never allow you to leave empty handed. Also, when next they need a smart software engineer like you, they’d call you. And when they see those who need to taste your unique wine, they will surely recommend you to them.

If you can install this money-making software program on the system of your life, I am very sure that you are going to hit a homerun real soon. I do know this like I do know my finger. Till I come your way again next week Monday; see you where successful leaders are found.


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