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Welcome once again to one of the most consistent platforms in our nation and beyond, where men and women from different walks of life weekly come to drink words of wisdom shaping lives, businesses and leadership. When a sea of faces of people get back to me, sharing their mind-blowing-testimonies of change and advancement, I am compelled and encouraged to write more, my schedule has been so heavy in recent times, though.

Let me start by helping you to understand what tomorrow is not: Tomorrow is not next day. Tomorrow talks about the future and it extends beyond next day. Now that you know that tomorrow extends beyond next day, the next challenge before many people today is how they can make their tomorrow successful.

People waste time thinking their tomorrow is ahead of them. This kind of mindset makes people waste time. What you call tomorrow, when you get there, you will call it today. So what you do have in actual sense is today. This should let you understand that when you waste today, you have wasted the future. In fact, there is no future when today is wasted.

People keep waiting endlessly, wishing for a great tomorrow, but great tomorrow does not answer to mere wishes. Greatness does not just drop on people like mangoes. If greatness answers to mere wishes, countless number of people would have become great. It is tough to be great. It is consistently demanding to be great. Greatness stretches! To make your tomorrow a great one, you will need to know some principles, which I want to share with you right now.

For the umpteenth time, tomorrow is not ahead of you, it resides majestically as a king in today. Most people do not know this reality, so they waste their today, while waiting in futility for a great tomorrow. Tomorrow remains as a desert mirage when today is wasted. Do not forget this as long as you live on the terrestrial-ball called earth.

Now, you need a sense of personal purpose to become successful in life, leadership and business, transforming your tomorrow. Without a sense of personal purpose, your life shall be without a definite direction. And if you do not have a sense of personal purpose, you shall go where you are not supposed to be found, move with those you are not supposed to be found with, you shall waste resources. This makes people waste their life in fantasy. Having a sense of purpose has changed my life and those I have read through their books. Having it will definitely change your life, too!

Purpose clearly defined and daily pursued will make you walk in the midst of the aristocrat of your day. Purpose is the greatest leveler on earth. It makes the children of the poor and the children of the rich to sit at the same table. How then can you discover your purpose? You will begin to sense your purpose through what you love doing. Also, what you hate can be pointing to what you have been created to correct. One thing you need to understand is that every purpose must solve at least a problem. Purpose does not create problems, it solves them!

Without a sense of purpose, you will struggle endlessly with aimless life. Also, purpose determines when you go to bed and when you climb out of bed. It determines the kind of man or woman you get married to. It also determines the kind of books you read through. If you can capture this, your life will begin to assume a different shape.

What can you pour your life into, with joy? What problems can you adeptly solve? Finding something you can put your life into will fill your life with new hope and purpose. It will give you a reason for living. Also, your purpose gives you joy amidst all the challenges of life. And your purpose gets you going even when you are tired. Welcome to a life of purpose!

To birth a great tomorrow, you need to begin to study books. I began to write poems after I was inspired while reading through a poem. I slowly walked into the mind of the author and before that day retired to bed, I was able to pen a beautiful poem and before that year ended, I got a contract, writing a poem that fetched me some thousands of naira! If I did not read through the mentioned poem, I would not have been inspired to write one.

Reading through books (relevant books) is powerful and liberating. You’d live a limited life on the condition that you are the type who does not read through books that are relevant to your purpose. I like to tell young folks that they should forget about colorful tomorrow if they do not have functional libraries. I do know what a functional library can accomplish in the life of a man, because I do have a very huge one in our home. I started building it about 30 years ago! You too can start building one right now!

Also, to transform your tomorrow, you need to begin to relate to those who have become what you want to become, those who have been to where you want to go and those who have done what you are trying to do. This is a powerful wisdom. You will need to be mentored by someone who has been doing for decades what you are trying to do.

Association is very powerful. You can change your life by changing those you are sharing your walk with. It makes success easier and quicker than it would have been if you got to do it alone. Mentoring transforms you into the person who your mentor is. Do you have a mentor in your life? Is there anyone who knows the way that you are following? It is unwise to do life alone.

Lastly, to birth a successful tomorrow, you need to serve today. Service is the most powerful principle I have ever seen. Look for whom to serve. Service is an opportunity. Let no one force you to serve. Take the initiative. I have served leaders in this nation and beyond and I am still serving. If you haven’t started serving, I counsel that you start today, because quality-service opens doors, great doors! Till I come your way again next Monday, see you where successful leaders are found!


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