Tips for creating timeless interior design

The desire to know the future and to anticipate trends often goes hand in hand with the fear of being out of fashion. This is true both for the world of technology and fashion, and, of course, interior design.

Everyone can interpret the phrase “timeless interior” in their own way.

It can be an interior that keeps up with the times, does not lag behind, constantly changing – both for the state and mood of the owner and for the sake of trends.

Or maybe this is a modern interpretation of the classics, which does not let go of the minds. The demand for a “classic” interior does not subside. Plus, there is a growing interest in antiques and vintage.

Create interior not “as it should”, “according to the rules”, “like the neighbors”, “the main thing is not to get tired”, but out of love. Naturally, this refers to style and color, not layout, ergonomics, and lighting. What’s the point in a neutral-beige interior, which “won’t get bored for a long time” if you want bright blue. Even if there is a risk of getting tired of it in a couple of years. And beige, yes, will not get bored, but it will not please you.

The accordance between architecture and interior. Each style – and this is especially true for the classics – implies a certain architecture and proportions. The techniques inherent in classical styles – voluminous chandeliers, abundant stucco molding, caissons, gilding, and so on cannot look organically in interiors with the low ceilings.

A combination of new and old. Even if you do not have inherited pieces of furniture, and do not want to take anything from the past interior, you should try to integrate vintage items into the interior design. This is what makes the interior habitable, well-established – a real family fortress.

There are no sets and furniture from one manufacturer, even if such a total look seems ideal. Mix is ​​what makes the interior multi-layered and unique, it is an indicator that space was created by a professional. To make it the best way is to search through the sites, that showcase different brands, and manufacturers. 

Art, decor, attention to detail. Art is what makes an interior unique and personal. The fact that, unlike some of the design solutions, does not get boring and can give positive emotions. A well-chosen art can take a design to a higher level. The presence of accessories and decor items makes the space multi-layered and cozy. 

interior designIt is very important to carefully select what do you use on a daily basis and what makes up your everyday life – bed linen, towels, dishes, cutlery. It is the quality of these things that affects the level of pleasure from the interior.

Natural materials. It is difficult to call the interior timeless if it has plastic windows, laminate flooring, and a stretch ceiling. These materials don’t age beautifully, they just deteriorate. And they almost defy restoration.

Customization and involvement. It is difficult to part with an item that is made for the order – it has specific sizes/wishes/needs and requests involved. Rather, it will be redecorated (repainted or changed handles) than thrown away. And the interior comes to life from children’s drawings, family photographs, souvenirs that keep memories. All this can be beautifully designed or showcased as a collection’s part. This is what can tell about the personality of the tenant, and personal stories are always interesting.



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