This man needs help to walk again

AbdulWaheed Taoreed, a mechanical engineer who specialized in fixing trucks felt he had his life ahead of him; a good job, enough to eat and be responsible and a life that is contented with his lot and a hope of a better tomorrow.

The dream of a better tomorrow was however truncated and his hope of a meaningful life has dimmed. Presently, life for the 2001 graduate of the Federal Government College, Malali, Kaduna, is nonexistent as he has been bedridden for a long time due to an accident and his skin has started peeling due to his inability to move or change position.

A work-related accident has made him bed ridden for years, making him redundant and unable to do anything again. And the family has spent all they had to restore him and are in need of assistance from people.

Speaking on his experience, AbdulWaheed said, “After I finished school, I was living a contented life as a mechanical engineer fixing trucks until an accident occurred in the year 2014 when a trailer truck head fell on top of me at my place of work and it affected my spine. After this incident, due to financial constraints, I could not meet up with hospital bills, which resulted in my staying home.

“This stay at home and being on a spot gave me serious bedsore which has eaten almost all the flesh on my lower limb and on top of my knees. I can’t walk at the moment, I can’t urinate on my own, I feel little tingling sensation once in a while on my feet and cold sometimes.

“The life I am living at present is not one that is manageable. I am in pain and I can’t do anything on my own. There is a solution to my condition but finance is still the constraint.

“The doctors’ prognosis on available treatment gives me hope but it is only possible if I can get to pay the bills. Many medical experts have evaluated the situation and suggested that I first get treated for the bedsore after which when healed I can commence normal treatment  then physiotherapy to enable to walk again.

At present, Taoreed has incurred a medical bill of N2.5 million which has made his treatment stop and he also needs about N8 million to walk again and live a good life.

To help Waheed walk again, financial help can be sent to the account number provided.

Abdulwaheed Taoreed Soetan


Account Number: 2098799189

He can be reached on  08169827543.