The influence of sight

Sight is everything in the life of every leader or would be leader in every field of life, because everything that every leader or would be leader is going to become and have is directly attached to sight. In fact, on the condition that a leader or would be leader cannot see beyond where he is; there is no how he or she will be able to move from where he or she is. This is the major reason a lot of people have remained stagnated over the years.

The problem is not the malodorous, reeking and little background you are having. That is not the real problem you are having. What! Yes, you read me right. The real problem you are having is your inability to lift your eyes and see beyond where you are right now. Once you can see beyond where you are, you will definitely end up moving on in life. What I am sharing with you right now works, if you will understand it and ultimately run with it.

Once again, the problem is not where you were put to bed years back. No! But the problem you are having is your inability to see beyond where you are right now. This is the principle that has changed the life of many people across planet earth, “as far as your eyes can see, you will be able to become and have.” In other words, you cannot become more than you can see and you cannot have more than you can see.

Lifting of eyes to see far ahead of you is non-negotiable, because it will determine how far you are going to go in life. How do you get your eyes lifted, so you can see far beyond where you are right now? You will need to be very deliberate and intentional about the kind of people you hang out with and the kind of books you read through. When you choose to walk with those who cannot see beyond where they are, you are going to be shooting yourself in the leg unknowingly. Be deliberate about your core circle of relationship. Move with those who will make it impossible for you to either be stupid or do stupid things.

The more you hang out with the right set of people and spend quality time reading through great books, the clearer your sight becomes and the easier it becomes for you to see beyond where you are right now. If you will run with what I am sharing with you right now, your life is going to become completely transformed in the next 10 years! I do know this, like I do know my fingers.

All you get from life is a function of your sight. What you cannot see, you cannot experience. What you cannot see, you cannot have. You will need to see possibilities around you before you can get to experience them. Once your sight is either lost or blurred; then everything becomes blurred and lost! This is to let you understand that sight is everything when it comes to every area of life.

Even when it comes to marriage and business, sight is everything. If you cannot see crystal clearly, you are going to self-destruct in both marriage and business. And not only that, once you cannot see clearly, you will stumble in judgment and dabble into many avoidable errors and it will impact negatively on those following your leadership in both your home and business.

For the umpteenth time, on the condition that you cannot see it, you cannot have it. You will need to first see it, before you can walk in it. This speaks volume about seeing beyond what your natural height can afford you to see. I am talking within the context of standing on the shoulders of those who have gone ahead of you. To see beyond your height, you will need to have mentors in your life.

Many are walking through life alone. This is a mistake. You need in your life, people who know more than you know and those who are ‘taller’ and wiser than you, who can see farther than you can see. This reminds me of a story I read about many years ago, “A girl was on board a ship with her father. While with her father, she did tip toe to see what her height could not afford her to see. Her father later put her on his shoulder, so she could see what her height wasn’t allowing her to see. Her father later asked, ‘Can you now see what you could not see before?’ To which she said, ‘yes!’”

So, when it comes to seeing very far in life, you will need to climb on the shoulders of those who have gone far ahead of you. A wise man once said that one of his secrets was to stand on the shoulders of those who had gone ahead of him. This is wisdom par excellence.

Once again, if you cannot see it, you cannot access it. If you cannot see as clear as water, you will not be able to see all the opportunities that are within your reach. People are suffering today, not because there are no opportunities around them, but they are suffering, because they cannot see beyond their noses. To see opportunities around you, you will need to have a vision that is very clear as water.

Also, one of the major reasons people give up and commit suicide is because they cannot see their way through their current situations and circumstances. They give up because they cannot see their destinations. No one, who can see his or her beautiful destination, will give up in life! If you can see a day that you will be celebrated, you will never allow what you are going through right now to cause you to throw in the towel.

On the condition that you cannot see intuitively, you are going to miss out on a lot of people and opportunities within your reach. Many people cannot see men clearly, thereby looking down on a lot of great men and women sent to help them, because they appeared in small packages. Many opportunities have been passing them by too because they have been appearing to them disguised. If you cannot see men of influence locked inside insignificant men, you are going to miss out on a lot of opportunities in life, leadership and business.

Over the years, I have found out that fearful and people who doubt should be withdrawn from, if you are going to make a mark in the midst of the earth. Doubters and fearful people will blur your sight. You need around you those who believe that it is possible to build mansions on the planet called sun! They believe everything is possible! They have no doubt about what you are carrying. And they are far from fear as east is far from the west!

Lastly, if you cannot see well, you are going to be aging without growing. Aging is automatic, but growing is not. To grow and change, you will need to have a very clear sight, because sight is everything, especially a very clear one! Till I come your way again next week Monday, see you, where people of clear-sight are found!



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