TCN counters AEDC, says no fault on Gwagwalada-Apo line

Contrary to an announcement made by the Abuja Electricity Distribution Company (AEDC) of possible power interruptions in some parts of Abuja, the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) on Thursday, said there is no fault at its Kukwaba or Apo Substation that would require cutting supply to any of the DisCos feeders.

The AEDC had on Tuesday announced that some parts of Abuja would witness interruptions in power supply as the TCN plans to conduct maintenance work between January 26th to 28th.

It said the TCN team will conduct a re-string on the vandalised portion of the 132kV line transporting energy from Gwagwalada transmission station to Apo/Kukwaba TransmissionStations.

However, the TCN in a statement issued by the General Manager Public Affairs, Mrs Ndidi Mbah explained that there is a tee-off on the Gwagwalada – Apo line which feeds Kukwaba through Apo Transmission Substation.

It said electricity customers are connected directly on 33kV lines which its operators have no control over, except during extreme emergencies requiring operations crew to quickly open such feeder to enable maintenance service.

“TCN does not have any problem at its Kukwaba or Apo Substation that would require cutting supply to any of Abuja DisCo feeders,” the statement reads.

The company maintains that it cannot switch off consumer feeders noting that its jurisdiction on the distribution network is from 330 kilovolts (kV) to 132kV power lines.

“The company cannot switch off consumers feeders as it is not within TCN’s jurisdiction,” it reiterated.

While stressing that under Abuja Region of TCN, Gwagwalade-Karu line does not exist, it said there is no direct link between Gwagwalada and Karu Transmission Substation.

“At the 2x60MVA Karu Transmission Substation, all the feeders are set based on the load demand and nomination presented by AEDC on a daily basis. Journalists who may wish to undertake an on-the-spot inspection to the station would find that none of the breakers is in bad shape.

“The 20MW Feeder K4 at Karu Substation is never overloaded as insinuated in some quarters. Between the Karu Transmission Substation and the injection substation belonging to Abuja DisCo, there is a line load of over 12MW. Off-taking 12MW through an 11kV Distribution feeder for onward delivery to customers is the responsibility of AEDC, not TCN,” the statement read.

However, the TCN noted that in recent times, there has been repeated vandalism of major transmission lines.

It noted that: “While working with security agencies to help monitor the lines, it’s important to note that vandalism is a social menace, we do not have control over the cable thieves but TCN is doing all it can to combat it with the help of security agencies and staff of the TCN lines patrol department.”

It said between 31st October 2019 till date, the Abuja Sub-region of TCN witnessed 21 acts of vandalism on 330kV and 132kV aluminium conductors by unknown persons.

“The extent of damage on each line determines the length of time it would take to complete repairs.

“Presently the system lines maintenance crew of Abuja Region are replacing 2000 metres of 350mmsq aluminium steel reinforced conductor on Gwagwalada-Westmain 330kV Double Circuit (DC) vandalized by unknown persons. To say that incidents of vandalism are mere excuses is very worrisome,” it added.


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