Structural engineering key part of maintaining standards in construction industry —Adeyemo

The Management of Pelican Valley Nigeria Limited has noted that one of the keys to maintaining good standards in the construction industry and preventing building collapse is when guidelines of structural engineering which is a core part of civil engineering are adhered to.

The real estate firm stated this when it engaged the services of a seasoned structural engineer, Awolowo Olayiwola, as one of the firm’s civil engineering consultants ahead of the much-anticipated launch of the Pelican’s Ecostay Apartments and Pelican’s Greenish Acres Farm Estate in September.

Briefing newsmen after the inauguration ceremony in Abeokuta, the Ogun State capital, the CEO of Pelican Valley Nigeria Limited, Dr Babatunde  Adeyemo said: “Structural engineers make sure that the building designs can withstand the weight and pressure that are likely to be placed on them. They provide important information about the roof type, floors, foundations, steel beams, quality of the materials and more.

“However, most builders don’t engage the structural engineers beyond the paper and official works and that is why most buildings fail. Construction is capital intensive and there are just no two ways about it. Cutting corners in construction is like cutting your fingers to spice your meal.”

Adeyemo said that Awolowo would bring his over 20 years of experience in the construction industry to the Pelican team and, in no small measure, add enormous value to the quality of the houses to be delivered in the Ecostay Apartments and The Farm House in the two proposed estates.

The CEO explained that the Ecostay Apartment is going to be the very first 100 percent Eco-friendly estate in Nigeria with the environment studded with purposely-built and complete entertainment arena such as a mini lounge, club, short let’s, amphitheatre and sports arena.

According to him, the company has plans to make the envisaged Ecostay a full tourist attraction for Nigerians at home and in the diaspora.

He added that the Ecostay Apartments will be simultaneously launched on Sunday, September 11 with the Greenish Acres Farm Estate, which is less than two kilometres away from the location of Ecostay Apartments and Pelican Brief Estate.

“The idea is to create a place where our landlords can jog to and fro in the morning, just to encourage their daily healthy lifestyle and also get fresh food materials.

“The farm estate is also coming up with an ultra-modern farm market, where the excess farm produce can be sold. So, our prospective applicants are advised to visit our website as it’s a full landing page where payment could be made directly into the company’s accounts from any part of the world,” he said.

Also speaking, Mr Awolowo hailed the newly initiated partnership, saying it is going to be a win-win situation for all parties, particularly the Pelican Valley customers who would enjoy expert guides to “build right and build safely.”

“Well, with over the last 22 years and still running, we have generally rich experience in the field of civil engineering and my core area is structural engineering.  And given what is happening now with the issues of building collapse here and there, it is because people are not building right.

“So, if you have the right people in the right place, they become safeguards against many things. You know Pelican Valley cherishes standards and by partnering and bringing us on board, we will be able to use our experience to safeguard against unwanted happenings.”


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