Sifuba, the shameless Speaker

This week, a 19-year-old monstrosity called Brian Nguyen “made history” by becoming the first transgender woman to win a local beauty pageant. Nguyen won the Miss Greater Derry pageant, and his group picture with other contestants couldn’t be more horrendous! Nguyen looked every inch like Kim Jong Un with puff puff in his mouth. The pageant is supposed to guarantee “scholarships to young women between the ages of 17 and 24 living in the Greater Derry area recognizing their outstanding achievements in scholastic aptitude, talent, character, community service and poise.” Hear the winner woman: “No words can describe the feeling of having the opportunity to serve my community and represent my community for the first time at Miss New Hampshire.” Nguyen looked like sour soup.

I have referenced this story to show that the world has gone thoroughly insane, and the garbage coming out of South Africa and its Free State following Speaker Ntombizanele Sifuba’s pornographic episode proves the point. Here’s the gist: the Speaker of the ANC Free State Legislature, like Kim Kadarshian, Tiwa Savage and others before her, broke the internet after a leaked sex tape featuring her and an unnamed young Nigerian surfaced on social media. On Tuesday, November 8, she topped Twitter trends as her video traversed the world. Per Sifuba, the Nigerian gigolo released the tape after she refused to pay R300,000 blackmail money. As the nudes spread, the xenophobes ran mad again, descending on the “criminal gang called Nigerians” that had made their country such a hell hole. They spoke of women and privacy, but their bloodlust could not be hidden.  The terrorists who killed Lucky Dube thinking he was a Nigerian found yet another opportunity to whine like demons.

The Free State Legislature, leaving leprosy to chase ringworm, quickly ordered an investigation into “this Gender-based violence,”  “an insult to elderly women.” And so did groups like the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) and the African National Congress Youth League (ANCYL). “This can only be done by a mentally twisted and sick person who has lost sense of intimacy and respect for bodies of women deemed to be sacred by all human civility,” they barked.

I agree with the Film and Publications Board (FPB) that “the free distribution of the material on a free platform like Twitter further exposes children to age-inappropriate material,” but I do not see how shadow-chasing solves anything. It takes two to tango. Leaving the woman, in my view the chief culprit (for she ought to know better) to chase after her accomplice is not just stupid but insane.  A chief lawmaker made a sex tape instead of, say, an educational tape, and she’s supposed to be blameless? If you do not want your body on video, why allow anyone to record it? Why make yourself a piece of bread, then complain that you are being eaten? Is consenting to sex tapes part of the Free State Provincial Legislature’s mission “to be a modern institution of democracy that promotes good governance and a culture of human rights through public participation, lawmaking and oversight that is vigilant, dynamic, proactive and responsive” ? With shameless Speakers like Sifuba, just how can you achieve your “strategic goal” of “transformative lawmaking that contributes to the attainment of rights enshrined in the Constitution?” She is a closet porn actress, a shameless old hag. If Madam Speaker did not make a sex tape, there would be none.

By the way, what is a young man, any young man, looking for in an old woman’s skirt? Around the world, young men who mean to end well are doing legitimate work to survive the land of war called life and your own office, you Nigerian dog, is an old woman’s body? Another man’s wife? You deserve to die. After satisfying old lechers for money, you come home to take chieftaincy titles, reverenced and hailed as Odogwu or Alaye Baba. Sad!

But let me return to these third-hand women, sex-crazed termagants calling themselves feminists and protecting Sifuba because of their own secret orgies. Enough of this victim hogwash: you can’t be a victim of what you willingly allow. As it is, Madam Speaker’s geography is in public custody, recorded to her everlasting shame. Of course, there will be more videos of her Right-Honourable orgies. These Sugar Mummies are users and the common practice among them is to pay the young men they use as sex slaves handsomely. It may be that Madam Speaker after draining the young devil refused to pay up, then began spewing balderdash about blackmail. Was there any blackmail when she spread her legs before the camera?

Jezebels succumb to no man. They dump marriage like a rag, ready to conquer the world as single, career women. They give great speeches on gender empowerment to roaring applause by the audience, including foreign diplomats, then dash to the toilet at interludes to sniff some cocaine or have a quickie. There’s no sexual pervert worse than a woman in public office/politics. Sifuba, speaking at the Miss Glamorous Free State event this week, crafted this cant: “The voices of these young women are a positive strike against patriarchal oppression and gender inequality. We view their roles as critical contribution towards the gender content of the class and national struggle.” Pray what is the “gender content of the class and national struggle?” What is this demagogue talking about? She’s just deceiving the young women. What has she and her ANC done to improve their economic fortunes? These aren’t decent women; they are dirty women with an Olympic body count. They have no use for a man except in bed or in the bid to obtain marijuana. Feminist my foot!

South Africa, like Nigeria, sold shame to foreign lands long ago. People no longer blush. The Mzansi killers (not decent South Africans, please) are looking for another excuse to embark on a killing spree. Lazy to the bone, divested of sense and wedded to theft and thuggery, they invade shops, beat the owners to stupor, and loot everything in sight. They are spoilers who add nothing to their environment. When they are done looting and vandalizing shops, forgetting that there will be a tomorrow, they prowl the streets looking for girls to rape. They boil with rage, mauling migrants. They fail to look in the mirror and apprehend the land’s betrayal by the saviors who harvested votes promising freedom but are now gorging themselves on public resources, making sex tapes, wallowing in wine and drowning in gin. Gross!


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