S3x drive killers and how to overcome them

S3XS3x is a thing of joy and it is meant to be enjoyed and not endured. Couples are supposed to enjoy s3x. There is actually a physiological reason an orgasm makes you blissful.  That is because your body is flooded with oxytocin; a stress-reducing hormone, few minutes after you climax. This makes you feel relaxed, happy, and closer to your partner.

A couple who engages in the exercise regularly is a happy fellow. However, a lot of factors impede the enjoyment of s3x between couples. Some of these factors are stated below and possible solutions.

Stress: The body does not react well to stress. Emotional stress may affect physical function, including s3xual desire and performance. Knowing what your personal stressors are could be the first step in treatment. Self-help may work to help you reduce your stress level, but some people may need to visit counsellor or doctor.

Partner: s3xual desire requires two to tango. Both partners need to feel connected and women especially need the feeling of being close. Poor communications, a sense of betrayal, lack of trust, and repeated fighting and criticism may create a relationship that lacks closeness and intimacy. Counselling may be the answer if couples find that the issues are too tough to resolve on their own.

Alcohol: Alcohol is usually not the answer to any problem. While alcohol may decrease inhibitions, it also decreases s3xual performance and libido. Your partner may not appreciate a drunken advance and may be turned off by it. Alcohol is an addictive drug and you might need help to quit.

Sleeplessness or insomnia: As with any physical activity, a rested body increases performance. Lack of sleep, including lack of proper sleep, may be the culprit that decreases s3x drive. Sleep apnea is a potential cause for lack of good sleep and lack of libido. Medical help may be needed if you or your partner suspects it.

Kids: Being a parent is a full-time job and you need to make  out time without a child or baby around to be with your partner; that is why s3x shouldn’t be a night alone thing. Planning quiet time for intimacy and s3xual desire may require some creative thinking, like having s3x when the baby naps, or hiring a babysitter so mom and dad can have a play date.

Medication: Side effects of some medications include loss of libido and s3x drive. Some examples include; certain high blood pressure medications, cold medications which contain antihistamines and decongestants, antidepressants, some birth control pills, narcotic pain pills and chemotherapy drugs.

If this is the cause, your doctor may be able to suggest a medication alternative that might have fewer side effects.

Poor body image: You are as s3xy as you feels. Many people have low self-esteem when it comes to their body shape and this can affect their s3x drive and desire. Being happy with yourself is an important first step. A supportive partner always helps.

Erection problems: Erectile dysfunction (ED) can not only affect the ability to have intercourse, but also how a man feels about his ability to perform. There are many options available to treat ED and your doctor can help find the option that is best for you and your partner.

Depression: This affects all facets of life including s3x drive. Losing pleasure in daily activities often requires treatment including counselling and perhaps medication. Unfortunately, some antidepressants also depress libido. Your doctor need to know if low s3x drive is one of your symptoms of depression so that he/ she can get you what is best for you.

Menopause: Menopause may cause physical changes that affect intercourse, including vaginal dryness and pain with intercourse. Treatments are available to enhance s3xual desire and function after menopause. Avoid self medication or self pity, seek help from your medical doctor, it also pays to let your partner know how you feel.

Lack of closeness: Lovemaking is not just about s3x, it includes intimacy and desire. Both are important part of a healthy love life. If s3xual desire is waning, all you need to do is to probably inject romance back into your relationship. Snuggling, giving each other massages and spending casual time together may help ignite that spark.

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