Oripeloye needs N461,000 to remove tumour

Ossifying fibroma is a rare benign fibrin osseous neoplasm of the jaw and it is an uncommon tumour. For over two and half years, the rare, unpleasant medical condition has put a middle aged man, Oripeloye Bolade, a resident of  Alalubosa, Nigeria Breweries area, Ibadan, Oyo state in a disadvantaged condition.

His predicament has turned him into a beggar as he cannot afford the fee needed for surgery to rectify his situation having lost his job. “This condition has robbed me of getting a job as I lost my job because of my condition; whenever I go out to search for job, I meet with failure because no one is willing to accept me because they believe I would not be effective based on my health and some cannot even stand my condition.

“The condition started tiny, I thought it was a boil at first so I was using normal drugs but the place kept swelling till it got this big. I have gone to places to seek for help since then just to get better.”

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He had gone to the University College Hospital, Ibadan, to seek medical attention and after being diagnosed, he was asked to provide the sum of four hundred and sixty one thousand Naira (N461, 000), as cost of the surgery to remove the tumour and some tests.

He has been moving around begging for help for his condition without success while the tumour continues to grow, he is appealing to well meaning Nigerians to come to his aid as his effort so far had only generated fifty thousand naira which was raised by his church members and few family and friends after spending all he had on palliative relief.

“I have spent a lot on getting tested before now. All the tests I went for gulped my savings; Family cannot really help too, my brother is a carpenter and the others are job seekers and can’t provide for me. I have been going around just for #2000 Naira to get food to eat since a few days now. My brothers can’t even get that to give me.

For him, the agony goes beyond emotional and financial; he is unable to sleep well especially at night and most recently when the swelling squeezed his left nostril down, he had been experiencing difficulty in breathing.

“The swelling has made me lose some of my teeth and I cannot eat well too. Moving around with a half swollen face is not easy and very humiliating,” he said.

According to him, his hope of living a normal life depends on if he can get help before the situation becomes terminal. He is pleading for assistance from people and organisations to assist him in raising funds to sort his health challenge.

Contributions can be sent to his account: Orijajogun Bolade, Access Bank, Account Number: 0051676551.

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