Operation Positive Identification is dangerous ― Bode George

A former top military brass, Chief Bode George has denounced the controversial Operation Positive Identification by the military which has triggered outrage across the country.

He expressed the strong reservation on the plan expected to commence on November 1, 20019 nationwide under which military personnel will demand means of identification from all citizens.

Other prominent citizens, groups and organisations had also denounced the plan which the military claimed was meant to complement other measures designed to check general insecurity in the country.

George said in a statement emailed to TribuneOnline that the plan undermined the constitutional democracy as well as amounted to a flagrant disregard for the fundamental rights of the citizens and military usurpation of the powers of other law enforcement agencies.

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“The proposed military decision to begin what it calls Operation Positive identification is totally wrong-footed, dangerous, unprecedented,  a flagrant assault upon constitutional democracy.

“The hair- brain idea is not only disturbing, but it is also distortion and an abuse of the established military role which is basically to protect the territorial integrity of our nation. The military cannot and should not assume the role of law enforcement agencies.

“We are not in a state of emergency or in some chaotic lawlessness which could necessitate military aid to civil authority.  And it is hardly within the purview of the military to start issuing nationwide instruction that affects the lives of all citizens when we are not in a military government.

“I urge the members of the National Assembly to rise up promptly to their responsibilities by demanding that President Buhari should immediately halt the misguided and bizarre military attempt to subvert the very core of our democracy.

“Our nation is already afflicted with so much stress and conflicts of ambiguous leadership tasking and overburdened people. Mounting an unnecessary, reckless military intrusion upon all this is to inflame a tensed and unstable polity,” George said.

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