Ongoing constitution review is a waste of time ― Bode George

Former National Deputy Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Chief Olabode George has said that the ongoing constitution review embarked upon by the National Assembly is a waste of time and cannot achieve anything beneficial to the people of the country.

Speaking on a private radio station, Diamond FM 88.7 on a programme, “Ijoba Alagbada” monitored in Ilorin on Sunday, Chief George suggested to the Federal government to revisit the 2014 report of the Constitutional Conference to effect the restructuring of the country.

The politician, who observed that the present agitations across the country are as a result of disenchantment by the people who are not satisfied with the feedback they are getting from the centre, advised the government to devolve the power at the centre to the federating units for people at the grassroots to feel more impact of government.

This he said will make the various ethnic groups in the country have necessary feedbacks from the centre and have more sense of belonging.

Asked to comment on agitations for breakup by some groups in the country, George said that People are agitating for freedom because the present 1999 Nigeria Constitution cannot allow the various minority tribes to thrive in the country. It was as a result of fear of the minority tribes that the Military goverment led by Yakubu Gowon created states. But now, every section of the country is educated and they want to have a say in the affairs of the country, so there is the need to review how they are being governed.

Chief George who said that there is no need to set up a new body to carry out another constitution review suggested that the Federal government should revisit the report of the 2014 Conference held during the regime of former President, Goodluck Jonathan which contains all necessary amendments needed to reshape the governance of the country.

“I thank God that I participated in the Confab which is the first time that diverse people of the country would sit under the Chairmanship of Justice Idris Kutugi now late who is very patient and wise. The three-volume report was submitted to the goverment and it contains everything needed for the restructuring of the country. We don’t need to look elsewhere other than to implement the report.

“The report was submitted to President Jonathan which he handed over to the present regime of President Buhari. There is no need for another constitution review committee. It is a waste of time and resources, Let us bring out the report of the 2014 Confab and start its implementation,” he advised.

On his advice to people clamouring for a breakup of the country, Chief George who said that that the 2023 elections were being threatened by the burning of INEC facilities across the country urged members of IPOB and those agitating for Oduduwa republic to be patient because of what they want to achieve could not be taken by force.

“The various agitations is a result of disenchantment among the people. People are hungry and they are not getting the necessary feedback from their representatives from the centre. The goverment should reduce the power at the centre to the federating states so that people at the grassroots can have a sense of belonging.

“I want to appeal to different sections especially IPOB and people in the Southwest to be at peace.”

Asked to compare the 16 years reign of PDP and the 6 years rule by the APC, George said “the people of the country are the best judge but I want to tell you that the people can judge the two parties: compare the present rate of Dollar to Naira, unemployment rate now is very high, road construction is poorly executed, the ports are closed and there is no peace in any part of the country.

“The present goverment is full of lies and deceit, they talk of empowering the youth, but have you come across those youth that they have empowered with at least N10,000? Let them point out the beneficiaries.”


Ongoing constitution review is a waste of time

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