Nigerians do not listen

People do not really listen or listen to reply and in many cases not to understand while listening was an important component of leadership. Everyone see themselves as great listeners. After all, what’s easier than sitting down and just hearing what a person has to say? That is why we have judicial commissions of inquiry and panels set up by tweets without instruments and tomorrow some smart listening lawyer will challenge the findings or the entire process, like we are not the same people that have the national assembly, state and local assemblies, people are talking, but really who is listening.

It is common with us, we listen as Christians, as Muslims, we come with all sorts of agendas, the Arewa, the Biafran, the Oduduwa, that is why in the heat of the #endSARS some only could hear social media regulation, we choose what we hear and how we want to understand it. No one controls the conversation as no one is listening

Nigerians both leaders and the led don’t put their entire attention, interest or heart into listening and truly understanding themselves. And not only does this create alienation within us, but that alienation is felt by each side, broadening an already existing divides as well. We are Muslims and Christians, Traditionalists with adjectives, and schools of misthought, not willing to listen.

Just because the people are quiet and the government does 75 per cent of the talking doesn’t mean people are listening. And just because the people are good at talking and receiving what leadership says, doesn’t mean the government is a great listener either. This clearly explains the relationship between a Buhari of few words and almost no action, and a whining populace who are as guilty of the same crimes leadership commit.

The Nigerian state is not listening to each other, at the crossroad we find ourselves, everyone is talking, and no one listening, some say it is devolution, others say it is restructuring, others question what is restructuring, do we even have a structure or system to build upon, others shout youth, others say let us be patient


Dr. Prince Charles Dickson


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