Nigeria will be better

NIGERIANS, regardless of ethnic group or religious belief, seem united in bemoaning the current challenges in the country, including Boko Haram terrorism, Niger Delta militancy, and economic recession in the country. On the foreign scene, Nigerians in South Africa are experiencing xenophobic attacks, while many Nigerians are still stranded in Libya, calling on the government to rescue them.

However, all these challenges can be overcome.  I would urge fellow Nigerians to join hands to support this present All Progressives Congress (APC) administration rather than complaining about its weaknesses.

The main aim of the  present  administration is to reform  the country in all areas and this is not a child’s play. The government in power is definitely working on  the betterment of the nation at large. We should pray for our leaders as citizens and hope for the best.  With the help of God, and by putting in great efforts, they would achieve their aim.

Gloria Abraham

Aba, Abia State.