On AMVCA 2017

THE Africa Magic’s Viewers’ Choice Awards (AMCAs) 2017 was held in Lagos on Saturday, March 4 with a lot of fanfare. As a lover of African movies, I applaud the planning committee. They really did a great job.

The programme was so fantastic and interesting. It will not be out of place to say that it has captured the imagination of Africans all over the world, and even non-Africans are becoming increasingly interested in the AMVCA  because of the glitz and glamour associated with it.

The  programme, which was to appreciate and to encourage the hardworking actors and actresses of the year, was a huge success.

Despite the challenges that the theatre practitioners faced in the industry,  they have remained resolute in giving viewers the best of entertainment.   To the AMVCA awardees, you are all celebrated. I pray that God grants you more inspiration to excel.

I  urge the awarded actors and actresses who won various awards not to relent in their efforts, because we are still looking forward to them for more. Also, the other actors and actresses in the industry who did not win any awards this year should not feel discouraged.

I urge the up- and-coming ones  to remain focused and work harder. They will also be celebrated soon. God bless Africa and God bless AMVCA!

Titilayo Afolabi,


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