Need for new security architecture in Nigeria

There is need for the Nigerian military command to monitor Niger Republic and Nigeria border. There is need to dig moant on this border to restrict movement of jihadists and bandits. Nigeria needs. New security architecture which should be a unified security design that will addresses the necessities and potential risks involved in a certain scenario or environment. It should also specify when and where to apply security controls. The design process is generally reproducible to deal with bandits and jihadists from Niger Republic, Mali and Chad.

The new security architecture should be technologically driven and capable of dealing with jihadists and bandits from Niger Republic. Nigeria needs a military command to prevent jihadists and bandits from Niger Republic from entering Nigeria. The new security architecture should regulate the movement of people and goods across the Nigeria-Niger Republic border on a daily basis. The military command should put noted jihadists and bandits flash points in the Nigeria-Niger Republic border under constant surveillance and adopt digital security measures.

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Mali, Chad and Niger Republic have historically been troubled by weak governance, high levels of youth unemployment, porous borders, frequent drought, high levels of food insecurity and paltry development progress. Since the 2012 crisis in Mali, the region has also witnessed an escalation in jihadist activity and a burgeoning of illicit migratory networks and trafficking. The area is therefore the subject of increasing international concern, as ungoverned spaces could provide ‘safe havens’ for terrorist activity.

Nigeria needs a new security architecture  whose design principles are reported clearly, and in-depth security control specifications that are generally documented in independent documents of bandits and jihadists in West Africa. Nigeria needs to launch a new security architecture to tackle bandits and jihadists. Nigeria needs to find lasting solutions to the security challenges in the region.

Nigeria needs a new security architecture with accrued international support, to initiate, expand on operations, and reorganize parallel development components to respond to a growing number of security concerns in the north-west. International stakeholders and state governments in the region are hopeful that the Federal Government will adapt to recent developments and local needs in order to establish a lasting peace.

There is a trans-border movement of funds from Lagos, Agadez in Niger Republic and Libya for the purchase of arms for the prosecution of the ongoing killings in North-west which have claimed no fewer than 3000 lives. It is believed that the bandits, who are also into high profile kidnappings and armed robbery, are getting large funds from the proceeds of rustled cattle, which they supply to cattle dealers. Extremists are penetrating sub-Saharan Africa at an alarming rate, threatening states ill-prepared to deal with the resulting complex social and security challenge.

Sunni Islamic radical groups which include ISIS, Al Qaeda affiliates and home-grown movements such as Boko Haram, threaten the continent – despite recent defeats at the hands of African armed forces. The encroachment poses unique challenges for policy makers and officials of shaky governments struggling with limited resources

Terrorism is one of the biggest crimes against humanity. Every such crime deserves to be named appropriately, and nations experiencing such owe it to their citizens to act swiftly and decisively against terrorists.

Inwalomhe Donald,