Na who teach Ambode for sense (2)

Last week, Dr. Doyin Okupe, unstable PDP stalwart, went prophetic on Ambode who he said was not a friend because as governor, Bolanle’s heartthrob, would not pick his call. On that, I will rule Akinwunmi guilty as charged. Snubbing, ghosting and snobbish attitude are a combination of frailty that made him very unpopular among APC faithful in Lagos and the Jide Sanwo-Olu’s switch, very easy for many. I know this as a fact. So, blocking an opposition leader, from a neighbouring state, should not be a big deal, but because the divine wisdom we spoke about last week can cover all aspects of our lives, including negative behavioural patterns, the former governor will need that God’s touch in his human relational, so he won’t end up bedding “enemies” so comfortably again, only to realise when it is too late, like the other time.

But Okupe had a comforting prophesy for the departed one; he would return as governor again! Well, the beefy one did not reveal the source of his prophesy and because God can use any vessel to convey his message, who is anyone to doubt the veracity of his proclamation. Even in government and APC circle in the state, talks of Sanwo-Olu as a single-term governor, have refused to go away. But Ambode isn’t in the equation of those making the projection. All eyes are on Mr. Deputy with the aura of governor. Politicians are unbelievable. Even when the 2019 agenda is yet to be resolved in favour of those they claimed voted them into power, permutations are already on, for 2023 agenda and who would be and would not be. These people sef.

Akinwunmi may not be in man’s calculation, but Divinity can re-program him into Alausa, either in 2023 or much later in his lifetime, provided the wisdom he claims to have now, is of God, which builds a man into God-like holiness and righteousness.

When God is working out an arrangement, He can confound to the uttermost. Imagine Matawalle of Zamfara! Think of even the Kogi enfant terrible! What about Sanwo-Olu himself! Four years back, he confessed by himself, he was scheming to be chief of staff to the one who is his subordinate/deputy today, and for the powerful wife of the leader who mentioned his name as a Christian replacement for Ambode, another Christian, to religiously dull the long knives that ripped Akinwunmi’s soft underbelly, the incumbent was not a recognisable factor in Bourdillion jack-knife politics, beyond being madam’s boy! Well, God will always use human agents and just like He used madam for her boy, He can always use anyone to bring Okupe’s prophesy to pass.

But Akinwunmi must have heard our common Father-in-the-Lord say severally that prophesy doesn’t materialise because God says it. Someone must believe and walk in it. It is likely Ambode has said a secret amen to Okupe’s prophesy. The wisdom to regain lost paradise can only be from Above not Abuja.

James 1:5 says, “If any of you is deficient in wisdom, let him ask of the giving God who gives to everyone liberally and ungrudgingly, without reproaching or faultfinding, and it will be given him”. Over to his excellency.


It’s Naira Marley again!

As predicted here penultimate Sunday, EFCC’s detainee, Azeez Fashola, a.k.a Naira Marley, has released a new single, right from, yes your guess is right, detention! The single, entitled “Why,” released on May 30, as expected, is making more than waves. It is causing a Katrina, all thanks to Ibrahim Magu who seemingly wanted a foot-hold of his fear-factor in the entertainment industry. Like Mario Balotteli, football’s fading bad-boy of “Why Me” infamy, Marley is asking funny questions about his travails and getting plenty ears and wads of cash for them. That was my worry in the said piece for which a nameless reader, using 08060099816, came for me big time. His reaction is reproduced here verbatim; “Honestly, as much as one enjoys your weekly column in Sunday Tribune, one cannot understand the import of your write-up last Sunday, 26th May, titled EFCC, Naira Marley and cultural icons. A young man is discovered to have committed a crime, or as they say euphemistically, is suspected to be engaged in crime, and an arm of law enforcement has got him in its net. And just because he is rated a rousing entertainer, the law should not take its course, because as you alluded to, that would make him more popular, or more heroic. If that happens in some other cultures as you gave examples in USA, should we encourage that in our own culture? What one expects of you and other promoters of entertainment is to re-direct the mindset of these young talented folks. Otherwise, you will be held responsible for their subsequent outlandish behaviours! See what eventually happened to Michael Jackson of USA, he became a freak and ended in jeopardy, as a young boy! What we need now is a responsible and responsive journalism and promotion. As you clearly know, money to be derived from such weird behaviours is not everything. Even with your sanctimonious statement in the penultimate paragraph of your piece, the portrayal of the write-up is negative to cultural decorum! By the way, that joke you referred to in the third paragraph to the end is about Fulani attitude medicine, not Hausa”.

What an engaging treatise! But our friend should know that while any felonious art should be a ‘no no,’ water-proof cases are needed not to turn villains into icons. I have the privilege of covering EFCC for more than a decade. There is always more of fishing than nailing evidence. May we all live to see this end.