Marital fulfilment on valentine principle

Alot of marital challenges can be surmounted if the spirit of Valentine is allowed to rule, and the principle of Valentine is applied, in marriages. The annual jamboree of Valentine ought to be made a permanent feature in marriage, as a way of achieving a stress-free status in marriage.

I am therefore seizing the opportunity of this year’s Valentine celebration to redirect the married couples to the vast opportunities for marital harmony that can be accessed, by imbibing the Valentine principle. While not all and sundry believe in celebrating  Valentine’s Day, I am of the opinion that in the heart of the celebration is a principle that is good for strengthening the marriage institution.

Valentine preaches love. It makes room for special sacrifices on the account of love, and goes all the way to provide for the sacrifices. These are the issues I want to highlight in this write up.


Valentine spreads the principle of love. Though it is said that in spreading love, lust also creeps in through the very many crazy sexual misbehaviour. For the married, I believe it is good to imbibe the love sting in Valentine. Rather than its annual rekindle of love, the married should make love flow on a daily basis. Make love the bedrock of your marriage. Don’t let the love ingredient in your marriage die off. I wonder at times when I hear or see two love birds before marriage, now turning to two parallel lines that will never meet. That’s why a question often directed to such couples is, “what happened to love”? I think if the kind of love that is always in the air during Valentine’s Day celebration, towards loved ones- married couples, friends and family members, office colleagues, church members, and those in the girlfriend-boyfriend relationship- is allowed to play out in marriage, we will have little or no stress at the home front.


During Valentine’s Day, sex, for those in such relationships, is made free, and as easy as A.B.C. Special preparations are made for sexual intercourse. New nighties, panties, perfumes, and the likes are on display, just to ensure that the day is made a memorable one. In marriage, couples can flow in the spirit of Valentine to make sexual fulfillment a reality. Sex should be made as free and easy for each other. Woo each other with scintillating underwear and sexy acts. Make sex something each of you will be looking forward to engaging in. Sex is a thing of the mind, so work on your minds, like Valentine’s get away ones do annually, and you will experience a heaven on earth moment in your marriage. Valentine dates have nothing on their minds, other than sex. Borrow a leaf from them as a way of spicing up your sex life. Stop making sex the last thing on your mind, with your spouse.


One good aspect of Valentine that is undeniable is giving and receiving of gifts from one’s Val.  Exchanging gifts is a principal thing during Valentine period. Most married couples are not intentional about exchange of gifts. The men, especially, allow the challenges of providing for the household, to rob them of joy of deploying the love key of gifts in their marriage. Many simply develop apathy towards such loving act for their wives. To their minds, what gift is better than providing for the needs of the home? This attitude is a silent killer for many marriages. Couples must be intentional about periodic gifts exchange. Not necessarily something expensive. Rather, go for what is affordable for you. What is important to your spouse is your being so thoughtful to have her in mind, which is the message being conveyed through such gifts exchange. That’s why such good gestures hardly go unrewarded, especially with sexual intercourse. Your gift is a good door opener for a great sex act. Don’t deny yourself of such opportunities in your marriage.


In the heart of Valentine are a lot of sacrifices that go into making the day memorable for tone’s partner. They spend and become spent for each other for the occasion. The calls, the outings, the gifts, the emotional connect, all come at a price; a great price for that matter. If in doubt, ask Val day celebrants around you, in case you are not one. If half of the sacrifices that go into Val’s Day celebration are devoted by married couples to their marriages, there will be no run away spouse on Valentine’s Day. Rather, marriages will experience a greater level of stability. I know many make great sacrifices for the family and the home front, but the marriage, that is, the couple, needs more of such sacrifices for each other. After all, of what purpose are the family sacrifices if the marriage will not be sustained? No marriage, no family.

On this year’s occasion of Val’s Day, let the married bring all these good principles to bear on their relationship, and more wine will flow in the home, making room for honeymoon forever. It’s time to roll together for a life fulfilling marriage.

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