Let’s build this country

Love is an essential prerequisite to getting good governance in Nigeria at this political level of ours. Love is what your political party needs to reinforce its promise of next level of good governance. It is what we should be looking for as children do during the hide-and-seek game in the moonlight.

Love is lost in our midst and whoever finds it will be rewarded with fabulous gifts here and in the  hereafter.

President Muhammadu Buhari, I have the belief that you and your posterity will not be forgotten if this lost valuable value is found before your tenure as president runs out.

Scientifically, the characteristics of human beings are: movement, respiration, nutrition, irritability, growth, excretion, reproduction and death. I called these characteristics ‘MR NIGER D’ when I was in secondary school. Logically, however, let us look at the acronym of Nigeria: nutrition, irritability, growth, excretion, respiration and reproduction.

In all, my brothers and sisters, it is true that average families in Nigeria have no supper; no breakfast; no lunch in their daily meal’s timetable.

They have just been subsisting with a little brunch. When are we going to run away from tribalism, nepotism, fanaticism and try to embrace the solution to our problem: love?

My question goes to the masses, especially the political and religious fanatics.  The step is love while the ways are strength and faith. Strength and faith without love are nothing. Is it not high time we imbibed this only step to the next level: love? Without this, we are only propagating the next level to acrimony and vindictiveness. We prefer to sleep at the American Embassy looking for visa than to look for the solution to the problems of our country. America is independent as Nigeria is. So, let us build our nation by loving of one another.

Mr. President, I want you to tell the religious fanatics that in the past in Nigeria, within the period of 60s, 80s, Nigerians were living in peaceful co-existence irrespective of their religious differences because the leaders of all the religions only propagated their religions with a statement: “love your neighbours as you love yourself”. It was rare to know who was a Christian or Muslim during any religious ceremony or festive period. This was how our forefathers lived their lives right from first to third republic.

Ibrahim Taofeek Kegbegbe,