Lagos4Lagos defection is to resurrect Lagos PDP —Jandor 

LEAD visioner of the Lagos4Lagos Movement, Dr Olajide Adediran, aka Jandor, says his defection to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) is to resurrect the party to win elections in Lagos State. 

Formerly of the Lagos All Progressives Congress (APC), Jandor led other members of the Lagos4Lagos Movement to join the PDP on the invitation of the former Senate President, Dr Bukola Saraki, at a meeting held at the faction’s secretariat in Lagos on Saturday. 

Speaking exclusively to Sunday Tribune, Jandor said his movement is joining forces with the PDP to wrestle power from the ruling APC in Lagos state. 

He said, “Everybody knew the events that led to our defection. We have seen that they (APC leadership) are not ready for anything. And for us, we have a vision and we are focused on it. We all saw what the PDP did during their congresses. They held a rancour free congress from the ward, local government, state and as well as the national levels. 

“We are focused and we have the numbers. We have weighed other options and we believe it is better we move our structure to a political party that equally has a structure. You know structure wins an election. 

“I am sure you know that our going into the PDP is to join forces with the opposing camp who has been longing to wrestle power from the ruling APC in Lagos state. Reacting to the defection, Spokesman of the Lagos APC, Seye Oladejo said Jandor has been regarded as a mole planted in the party by the opposition party. 

“I congratulate him (Jandor) for finally converting from the opposition within to the real opposition. He has always been an opposition within the Lagos APC. He has always been regarded as a mole planted in our party. We knew he has been fraternising with the PDP. 

“He has failed woefully in his mission to destroy the Lagos APC. So we are not losing any sleep at all with his defection. And now he has moved to his natural habitat amongst people who have never known what structure is like in Lagos politics. 

“His movement has also shown that it’s all about his ambition and not about doing well for the good people of Lagos State. We wish him well in his new party where we hope he manages to be their flag bearer. He is blindfolded by ambition and clearly in a desperate mode.”


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