Kiddwaya will share BBNaija prize money with Erica if he wins, says Terry Waya

Kiddwaya will share the BBNaija prize money with Erica if he wins it, Terry Waya, Kiddwaya’s father has said.

Speaking on a BBC News Pidgin live interview streamed on Facebook on Thursday, Terry Waya who said he was not a millionaire or billionaire, went on to say that Kiddwaya kind nature will move him to do share the BBNaija prize money with Erica who had shown him love while they were together in the Big Brother House.

Terry Waya who spoke in Pidgin English during the interview that lasted over 40 minutes, said that he did not support Kiddwaya’s decision to join the show initially. 

However, he said that when he saw the love people showed to Kiddwaya he began to like the BBNaija show.

Terry Waya said that Kiddwaya was not there for the money, but to entertain people and make a difference. 

According to him, the BBNaija show was not meant for poor people alone to win. “It was meant for all. It is the money from both rich people and poor that makes up the prize money.

Reacting to critics of Kiddwaya’s background, Terry Waya said, “People should stop discriminating and stop abusing people because of their background. We are all the same.

“He does not show off his background. He does not make trouble with the housemates. He is just like all others there.

Asked what was Terry Waya’s motivation for business, he said that it is my love for people.



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