Importance of PVC for a better Nigeria

Permanent Voters Card (PVC) issued by the Independent National Electoral Commission to enable voting during elections. The presidential election is approaching and Nigerians who are18 and above are expected to have collected their PVC.

Nigeria is currently facing a lot of problems; economical, financial, medical and so many others.  Everyone is therefore hoping for the right leader to be chosen. It is important to note that choosing the right leader will save the country and lead the country to a better tomorrow is in the hands of the citizens.  Therefore, citizens who are eligible to vote are expected to register and collect their voter cards. It is one thing to be old enough to vote, it is another thing to be able to vote. Therefore, it is important to note that the PVC gives you the right to cast your vote and have a say on who should take over the shroud of leadership.

Citizens also after collecting their voter’s card should ensure they vote right. They should not be easily smeared by the word of mouth but should be able to vote for those who will lead the country right.  We as Nigerians should try as much as possible to do thorough research and know who the right candidate will be. There is no perfect person, but there surely will be a person who has the vision to fulfill the mission of Nigeria.

Furthermore, the citizens who sell their votes for either money, foodstuffs, or because of their religious beliefs should try as much as possible not to do so this time around. The troubles, pains, and difficulties we go through in Nigeria are many, therefore the best ways to reduce them or get a solution is to vote for the right leaders and make Nigeria better for the next generation.

Every vote counts they say, therefore Citizens should realize that their vote is their power and strength, that their vote is their right to have a say in the political affairs of the country.

Therefore, the selling of votes, or not even collecting of PVC should be discouraged to have a better, free, and developed Nigeria.


Olugbode Adedayo




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