I’m beautiful; I can’t stop men from talking to me — Tiana

Actress, dancer and serial entrepreneur, Christiana Ilikwu, popular as Tiana in the entertainment circles seems to want more out of life and does not shy away from taking on a new challenge by organising events and engaging fans on social media platform, among others. She speaks with SEGUN ADEBAYO about what inspires her in this interview.


You are into different aspects of entertainment and you have a name that people love to associate with; tell us how it all started?

It all started during my secondary school days, when I was given the responsibility to organise our first social day, which turned out to be a huge success. Later, I decided to open my first event company in my first year in the university.


As a young entrepreneur, how has it been running this brand and ensuring that you put your best foot forward always?

It’s been challenging though, but to the glory of God I have been able to give my best shots whenever the opportunity comes. For somebody like me whose hands are in different pies, it’s really been a challenging one. From venue check to events, planning, getting materials for decoration and meeting up with clients; then heading to the gym, making videos to post online for my followers, then to giving tips online about love and relationship matters; these things don’t come easy. It is a lot of work. I’m able to achieve this with the help of my team.


Have you had a bad experience with people because you failed to deliver on time?

People often ask me this question but my response has always been no; at least none that I can recall at the moment. I have had one or two disappointments here and there but it didn’t stop me from giving my best at all times. The fact is that entertainment and exercise is something I have loved as a child, so I can take up more than one job a day and deliver it well.


You are also a relationship expert; what prepared you for this and how has it been helping people deal with their emotional troubles?

As a young growing lady, I had some low moments in my relationship, but instead of letting it break me down, I decided to voice it out. Not that I give all the answers to questions, I just put out the question or messages people sent to my mail, for viewers to air their views before I conclude or give an advice. You just have to listen to the people and give them a piece of your heart.


You are an actress as well as an ex dancer; you seem to be enjoying your time in the industry. Is there something Tiana does not do?

There are many things I can’t do. But I don’t believe there is something I am not passionate about. Though people find it hard to believe that I have the capacity to do some of the things I do. I am an extrovert because I bring light with me anywhere I find myself. So, why won’t you love Tiana?


How did you manage to become the Tiana everybody likes in the industry; what did it cost you?

It costs nothing really. It is just dedication, sincerity and loving what you do.  People say Tiana always lights up the atmosphere.


You are a beautiful woman; it will not be out of place for men to always throw advances at you. How do you deal with pressure from men?

Well without any doubt, I am beautiful and I know it. I won’t deny that men do come around always, but what do I do?  I won’t fight them for wanting to associate with a sunflower like me. One just needs to be careful.


Is it true that you have a strong influence on people such that they hardly say no to you?

As I earlier mentioned, I am always committed and dedicated to my task. If anybody wants to be in my team or work with me, they have to raise their game and not be complacent. I don’t take no for an answer and I don’t want to get people worked up needlessly but I want the best from anyone because I give nothing short of my best to my work. So, if people say I have a strong influence on them, I think it has to do with the positive way I approach my work.


Tell us about Tiana Events Company?

Tiana Events is an event outfit that plans and manages any kind of events. We also do outdoor and interior decoration as well. Putting all these together is simple calculation and understanding.


How do you pamper yourself after handling all the jobs you are involved in?

Lots of rest and spa do the task


Do you truly believe that real love does exist and if it does or otherwise, why are Nigerian men not romantic enough?

Love does exist and I wouldn’t say Nigerian men are not romantic enough; it depends on individual personality irrespective of tribe or religion.


Tell us about what you do for LGD Entertainment?

It’s an entrainment company owned by my boss Boborazzi. I am the secretary to the company and we are doing very fine with some of the big projects we have worked on and we are excited about what we have achieved over the years.


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