Femi Falana came to see me while I was in SARS custody ― Evans

EvansALLEGED kidnap kingpin, Chukwudumeme Onwuamadike alias Evans on Wednesday told an Ikeja Special Offences Court that Human Rights activist and Senior Advocate of Nigeria, Femi Falana visited him when he was in the custody of the Special Anti Robbery Squad SARS.
Evans who was led in evidence by his lawyer,  Olanrewaju Ajanaku said Falana was contacted by his wife who reached out to the SAN following his travails with the police.
The alleged kidnapper who claimed that the police viciously assaulted him, further added that Falana was prevented from seeing him by Inspector Idowu Haruna, an officer with SARS.
Evans who was arrested in June 2017, is standing trial alongside Victor Aduba a former officer with the Nigerian Army on four-counts bordering on kidnapping and unlawful possession of firearms.
“My wife contacted Falana and he came to see me. But they did not allow him to have access to me.
“On the day Falana came,  I was in the interrogation room.  One police officer ran upstairs and informed Haruna Idowu that Falana was in the premises and had requested to see me.
“When Haruna heard this, he ordered two of his men to push me into the adjoining toilet and guard me.
“While I was locked up in the toilet I heard ‘good afternoon Sir.’
“Then I heard Falana say: I am here to see Mr Onwuamadike.  Haruna responded that I had been moved to another location for further interrogation.
“Falana then asked Haruna why they were beating me, and that he saw my pictures and videos showing that I had been tortured.
“Falana then went on to warn them sternly not to kill me. I heard him tell them not to ‘accidentally’ shoot me and that they should charge me to court and not kill me. After a while I heard him leave, ” Evans told the court.
Evans also told the court that his family members were prevented from seeing him. “My father was prevented from seeing me that’s why he filed a suit against the Inspector General of Police at the Federal High Court.”
The alleged Kidnap kingpin also claimed that the video recording which was played in court which showed him confessing to his crimes was recorded in the IGP’s Guest House somewhere in Adeniji Adele.
“Behind the camera,  one of the officers carried a gun and threatened to shoot me if I did not confess. We had done several rehearsals of what I would say even before the video was recorded, ” he claimed.
Evans who claimed to have dropped out from school when he was in JSS2 said he could neither read nor write and was forced to append his signature to a 20-page confessional statement.
” My Lord they forced me to sign the confessional statement. I was told that if I did not cooperate, I would be killed.
“Insp Idowu Haruna (member of IGP Intelligence Response Team). Sunny the 2 I/C (second in command) to Abba Kyari,  Mr Christian Ugu, Mr Phillip and other police officers working with them were there.
One of them, one Mr Phillip put his hand in his pocket and brought out a brown hospital card,  he showed it to me and told me to sign it while saying that do you think that we are joking here, he said if anything happens to me here this card covers everything.
“Mr Phillip said the police will not be held responsible and before I knew what was happening,  Mr Christian slapped me and that was how they started beating me,” Evans told the court.
 “Mr Christian Ugu was smoking,  he quenched the cigarette on my hand, My Lord look at my head where they beat me,  My Lord looks at my hand.
“They took me to the backyard of the IG’s guesthouse, I sustained injuries on my head and body and Mr Phillip asked the policemen to walk on me and when I started bleeding,  he said you think we are joking here.
“At the backyard,  I saw some people that I was paraded with, they were wearing leg chains,  some of them had bullet wounds on their legs and Mr Phillip ordered Idowu Haruna to bring a big brown sellotape, handkerchief and polybags.
“Idowu Haruna forced a handkerchief into the mouth of one of them,  he used the sellotape to tightly tape his mouth and face and put a polybag over his head and sellotaped it and used another poly bag and sellotaped it for the second time and they left the man on the ground.
“The man on the ground was shaking,  he pissed (urinated) on his body,  he pooed (defecated) on his body and after a while, he went quiet.
“Idowu Haruna went to the man and stepped on his body and he was unresponsive and he told me can you see I have travelled him.”
“At this point, I was crying and pleading for my life because I watched Haruna ‘travel’,  five other people.
“Haruna used a machete to hit my head and my blood started flowing freely from the cut.
“It was at this point that I opted to cooperate. They offered me a can of Fanta and Hydraulic Oil was used to treat the wound.  I was in pains but cooperated and signed the documents,” Evans said.
Also giving his testimony during the trial within the trial,  Aduba, Evan’s co-defendant said he was also forced to sign his confessional statement.
“I used to work with the Nigerian Army in the music department.  I was arrested alongside the 1st defendant and taken into custody.
“I was slapped several times when I asked to talk to my lawyer.  I was asked to cooperate or I would be killed.
” I was taken from my prison cell alongside one Chukwuma Nwosu and Sanyo Paul.
“When I refused to sign the confessional statements because I did not know what was written in it,  Inspector Haruna Idowu brought out his phone and showed me the dead bodies of Chukwuma Nwosu and Sanyo Paul.  It was at this point I signed the statement, ” Aduba said.
The presiding Judge, Justice Oluwatoyin Taiwo, adjourned the case till January 31, 2019, for counsels to prepare their final written address in the trial within a trial.