Enter your future today

WHAT you are today is as a result of the things you did in the past. Today’s harvests are due to the seeds you previously planted. The great taste of orange you enjoy is because somebody planted an orange tree. You are a doctor today because you have finished medical school. Your bank pays you interest because you saved some money with them. The seeds of today will surely produce a harvest for tomorrow. A popular saying goes; “As you lay your bed so shall you lie on it”. What you do today is a fundamental building block to what you will turn out to be tomorrow.

If APC rigs this election, Venezuela will be a child’s play —Galadima

Today- the “now zone” is the most crucial time you have. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow is in the hands of God. You need to invigorate yourself in the now zone. You need to maximize your time to do constructive things; the now zone is the time to seize and maximize opportunities. Today is the time to make choices and decisions that will determine how tomorrow will turn out. Today is moving fast and before you know it, it will have become yesterday.

“Watch your steps. Use your head. Make use of every chance you get. These are desperate times”. Ephesians 5:16.

The now zone is the time to gather and set the building blocks of your future. A good and glorious future doesn’t just come; it comes with executing a conscious plan. It demands maximizing your life one day at a time.

C.S. Lewis said “we have trained them (men) to think of the future as a promised land which only the favoured attain, not as something which every one reaches at the rate of 60 minutes an hour, whatever he does, whoever he is.”

What you do today will determine what you will become tomorrow. Today is the most important day of your life so, take it seriously. Your future starts today.


  1. Daily review your goals to ensure all your activities are geared towards their accomplishment.
  2. Have a daily to-do-list. Prioritize every item according to way it is to be accomplished and try to stick with it. Don’t be enslaved to your to-do-list, be flexible, know the difference between what is urgent, important and routine.
  3. Avoid procrastination. Do what ought to be done at the right time. “Thank God every morning when you get up that you have something to do that day which must be done whether you like it or not. Being forced to work and forced to do your best will breed in you a hundred virtues which the idle will never know”. Charles Kinsley
  4. Put plans in place to avoid distraction from your daily goals, for example, you can decide to only see visitors in your office after 12noon so you can use your morning hours to execute your most important and urgent goals.
  5. Learn to delegate effectively.
  6. Review your day to see how to make tomorrow a better day. You should get better by the day.

Your future starts now so go for it.

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