Eliminating flood in Oyo state

It has become a norm, albeit a sad one, that the rainy season comes with flood, leaving a lot of families who reside near streams and rivers in queasiness.

But the governor of Oyo state, Engineer Seyi Makinde, made it known recently that his administration was ready to take pro-active measures in preventing flood and disasters in the state through a change of approach to natural disasters and their impacts from the reactive mode to a proactive approach.

Although, it cannot be precisely said that the floods happened due to incapability of the past governments, proactive steps were not effectively taken despite the fact that there were series of warnings from the scientists.

In order to avoid a similar mistake, Governor Makinde has aligned with the World Bank on Ibadan Urban Flood Management Project (IUFMP) to curb incessant flooding in the metropolis. He has shown his commitment to the programme by promising to give his full support to the IUFMP in order to make the programme a success.

However, there is a lot more to do in order to prevent horrendous floods that had occurred in the past.

It is the result of our inadvertent and advertent activities. Hence, in order to prevent hazardous floods from re-occurring, residents also have their part to play. They should keep proper sanitation by disposing refuse into the dustbin or by burning them; rather than dumping them inside the drainages, culverts, rivers and other waterways, which would lead to water blockage in raining season.

Poor housing should be discouraged and residents in areas prone to flood should keep their gutters waste free.  In conclusion, the present administration, led by Governor Seyi Makinde, should be commended for making appropriate plans, which will safeguard residents in Ibadan during raining season from being inundated.


Olamide Akinde, Oyo state.

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