Difficulty in getting pregnant

I am a 30-year-old lady with a steady boyfriend. I have been trying to get married for the past few months without any success. I therefore went for some laboratory tests where it was discovered that I lack some hormones that should make it possible for me to get pregnant. I will appreciate your kind advice on the way forward as I want to urgently get pregnant.
Amarachi (by SMS)

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Pregnancy by all intents and purposes should involve two people, a man and a woman in a deep relationship. This is why medical experts usually advise that there should be a regular and appropriate sexual relationship between a couple for about 12 months before the couple can seek for medical intervention in their quest for pregnancy. In addition, the medical intervention which will consist of medical examinations and tests should be targeted at the couple and not just one individual as is your case, This is because, it has been confirmed that the problem for the delay in getting pregnant can be caused either by the man or woman.

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