Addicted to sex drugs

I am addicted to taking sexually performance drugs and I have tried several times to stop but can’t. I hate it but can’t stop. I really need help. Please, I need an urgent answer.

Dele (by SMS)

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Like all cases of addiction, the moment you have an insight into your problem, marks the beginning of the solution to your problem. Having realised your serious aversion to sexually performance drugs and the need for help, you will need to find out the reason for your indulgence in the use of the drugs in the first instance. For example, if you have any challenges with your sexual performance, it will be a good idea to seek medical attention to resolve this. In addition, if your partner or your close friends are also into the habit, you will need to urgently involve these people in your addiction therapy or change them. Finally, if all the above fail to work, you will need to see a Psychiatrist for a more detailed specialist attention.

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