Dazzle in sequin dresses

When you’re wearing a sequin dress, all eyes are sure to be on you. That makes choosing the right accessories and accompanying pieces even more important — and difficult — than with a more subtle outfit. Since sequins are so bold and eye-catching, you should allow the dress to stand on its own by keeping the rest of your look more low-key.


Pick a dress with a simple cut

Sequins make a big statement. When you are wearing a sequined dress, you are going to be turning heads. You don’t need a daring neckline or a dramatic silhouette on top of the sequins. Instead, look for a dress that has a pretty ordinary (and higher) neckline, hem, and so on. Let the sequins do the talking, not a plunging V-neck or an asymmetrical hem.

That doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun styling a sequin dress- you just need to consider the location or event to make sure that you’re dressed appropriately. There are a few points to consider in styling your sequin gown right.


Keep It simple

When you are wearing a sequin dress, its shine and sparkle inevitably makes it the focal point of your outfit; loading up on statement accessories easily can make you appear over-dressed. Instead, keep your look simple and understated. Don’t pair your dress with a clutch and shoes in matching sequins or rhinestones and avoid large, heavy jewelry. Delicate stud earrings are a better match with a sequin dress than a dramatic chandelier style. If your dress is strapless or features a scoop or V-neck, a simple pendant necklace with a thin chain works well. You can also skip a necklace and wear a single cocktail ring with your dress.

When choosing jewellery, you should go for metal over gemstones to avoid competing with the sparkle of your dress.

Add Elegance

While a sequin dress can be striking, it can sometimes have a show-biz vibe. To make sure that you look classy and not trashy, incorporate accessories that give the dress a more elegant and luxurious feel. Pearls are an ideal option when you want to make sure that your sequin dress looks sophisticated. Wear a pearl choker or princess-length necklace with a strapless, scoop or V-neck dress. If the top of your dress features a higher neckline, opt for a strand of opera or rope-length pearls. Simple pearl stud earrings can also help add some elegance to a sequin dress.


Play around with texture

When it comes to choosing shoes and a bag to pair with your sequin dress, choosing materials with a similar shine or sheen to the sequins can make you look overdone. Instead, use striking textures for your shoes and bag to add visual interest to your outfit. You might wear your sequin dress with black suede shoes and a matching clutch. If the sequins are a neutral colour like black or silver, you can also play with color. You could decide to pair it with a red velvet handbag to make your dress more vivid.


Go smart casual

Usually, a sequin dress is saved for special occasions and evenings out. However, you will get more use out of your dress if you find casual ways to style it. Throw on a denim jacket, textured tights and motorcycle boots for dinner with friends, or slip a dark T-shirt over your frock and use the bottom portion of the dress as a skirt. For a business- geared cocktail party, pair your sequin dress with a fitted black blazer and ballet flats for a chic, wearable look.


Whichever way you choose to go, rock your sequin dress right.