Dampte urges voters to exercise their civic responsibility

Multi-talented Nigerian UK-based Afro pop singer, Oluyole Oluwaseun, fondly called Sean Dampte, has also lent his voice to the calls on Nigerians, urging the electorate to also come out enmasse to decide the next set of leaderships in the governorship and States’ Houses of Assembly.

Dampte, who spoke to our correspondent from United Kingdom, noted that though some of them who are Nigerians but based abroad couldn’t have the opportunity to come home and vote, have keenly followed the process leading to the poll and didn’t stop reacting to ensure the people voted for the right’s candidates.

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“Even if we need to come home and vote, which may not be convenient for most of us, we still have our eyes on the poll because we can’t look away while our country dries off. Most of us have come back home to contribute their own quota to the progress of the country and we will continue to do more.”

While urging the Nigerian government to create a viable platform for Nigerians in diaspora to be able to vote, as they are also interested in the affairs of their fatherland, noted that voters should not relent yet until the forthcoming governorship and States’ Houses of Assembly elections have passed.

“It is not only the presidential and National Assembly elections that will determine whether we will come out of our present condition but the states elections are also important because those are the levels of government closer to the people,” he said.


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