Constant hike in tuition fees

In Nigeria, constant hike in fees in public tertiary institutions has become a norm.  In a country where many citizens struggle to afford daily meals, people are now expected to pay very high fees to gain knowledge. It is rather unfortunate that vice-chancellors in both state and federal-owned universities, who went to school with ease and at affordable rates, are comfortable to make education unattainable for the children of the common man

Do this people even consider the plight of the populace? Out-of-school children in Nigeria may hit 15 million mark by the end of 2021 and this is definitely due to insecurity, poverty, high school fees and constant closure of schools, especially in the northern part of the country.

However, if the government fails to tackle the increasing rate of out-of-school children, these children might end up being recruited by bandits, Boko Haram and ISIS and the country will no longer be safe for its citizens.

Virtually all Nigerian leaders who are making education a source of revenue generation enjoyed cheap and affordable education during their youth.

Chancellors of the various universities who are traditional leaders are learned people and recognised as members of university senates which have a say in every decision taken. So why are they quiet about the incessant fee hike when they are the fathers of the people?

The university senates, governors of the affected states, traditional leaders and well-to-do individuals in the society must all put heads together in order to make education affordable for the citizens.

Hamzat Ibrahim Abaga

Niger State.


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Constant hike in tuition fees  Constant hike in tuition fees  Constant hike in tuition fees  Constant hike in tuition fees

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