Benue house will soon reconcile if… ― Speaker

BenueSPEAKER of the Benue State House of Assembly Mr. Titus Uba yesterday, said that there is likelihood that the factional groups of the state assembly reconcile their differences for the benefit of the state.

Uba, however, said that for the group to be recalled the need to purge themselves of the wrongdoing.

“We are also still in talking terms with the other eight members and for your information, some of them are already making advances to come back and join us. Not to take us to the other side.”

“But if you paint something black and you want to brighten it, you use white paint to clean it.”

The speaker debunked the report that the G22 members collected money to impeach the speaker, saying that no amount of money would make them work against the interest of the state.

He said he was surprised that PDP which was a minority in the assembly suddenly became a majority but still gave him the position while he was still in the APC.

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According to him, what was happening in the state, especially the State Assembly was a struggle on how to save the soul of Benue and not necessarily politically motivated.

“This kind of thing to the best of my knowledge never happened in this country, where the speaker will be impeached and the majority will still give speakership to the minority.

“This has now clearly shown that power in this state has become a struggle, we are not looking at acronyms, we are not looking at sentiments, we are looking at how we can come together and save the soul of Benue state.

“We are working together in unity irrespective of political affiliations for the interest of the state.

“The 22 members on my side are intact, and nothing on this earth is going to shake us.

It will be recalled that the house was fictionalised following the Impeachment of the house speaker, Terkibir Ikyange.

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