Attention, Oyo CP

THIS is the time for the Commissioner of Police in Oyo State, Mr Sam Adegbuyi, to constitute a special force to go after the dismissed policemen who are still parading themselves as officials and use that pretext to extort money from unsuspecting members of the public.

There have been many complaints from members of the public on the activities of these dismissed policemen and impersonators. Some of these complaints have been aired over the radio.

The dismissed men are always in mufti and disguise to arrest riders of motorcycles, popularly known as okada, and run away with the machines. This has led to a lot of tension among the populace because there is really no concrete way of distinguishing a genuine policeman in mufti from a dismissed one, who is an impersonator.

The Oyo CP is really doing his best to rid the state of crime, criminality and criminals. He has left no one in doubt about the resolve of the police under him to protect lives and property and to uphold the rule of law. I want to make a passionate appeal to you to get the dismissed policemen arrested and sent to prisons. On the other hand, the serving policemen are advised to stay away from any acts that may lead to dismissal. Finally, it would not be a bad idea for the CP to increase the number of patrol vans, especially for night duties.

Jimoh Mumin: 08034435211