As Sanwo-Olu takes over Lagos

Very few cities across the globe are like Lagos. The mega city represents the grandeur and beauty of nature. From the entrance into the city from East, West, South and the North, no being enters Lagos without been enveloped of the spirit of uniqueness and special nature of this awesome creation bequeathed onto the African continent. In one corner of the cityis a magnificent seaport strategically tucked in, that connects the whole Nigeria with the entire globe. The commercial activities on-going there on hourly basis, is only comparable with very few sea ports across the world. Located directly opposite the Apapa seaport is the heavenly endowed Lagos Island.

There come all cargoes from seaport, except those marked for the markets in Northern and Eastern Nigerian axis. Sandwiching Lagos Island are another expanse of water locally referred to Okun and Osa; two oceans that have not eternally showcase the beauty and allure of the city, but have also made it towers above other cities in Nigeria and African continent.

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Other parts of Lagos have their own special endowments and uniqueness, which made them jointly collaborate to make the mega city of Lagos attraction of the universe. But, these special endowments would have been meaningless and paled into insignificance, without shrewd organization and management of men, as well as their ingenious ability and creativity, brought into fore in ensuring that the endowments are properly manipulated to ignite growth, development and prosperity for the city and entire country.

The opportunity was not optimally manipulated until 1999, when Asiwaju burst into political space. His tenure witnessed series of economic, political, infrastructural and socio-cultural reforms. He also assembled the best brains in Lagos to build and craft an economic, political and infrastructural blue print, an amazing template that wasn’t only the hallmark of success of his regime, but also serves as guiding light for successive administrations. Babatunde Raji Fashola (SAN) keyed into the blue print with passion and profound interest. He had monumental success in all fronts. Akin Ambode came to office with so much prejudice. In the course of his tenure, he deviated; he wanted to cast a niche for himself.

As Babajide Sanwo-Olu steps in, there are huge expectations that he would get it right, by revisiting and re-referencing the blue print with the sole objective of constituting it as an instrument of growth and development, which is originally designed. The new governor already has his responsibility cuts out for him. He has pool of resourceful talent, focus, skilled men and women to deploy for whatever he desires.

Of course, in his beckon is accomplished political class to continually consult for advice. More importantly, he has tremendous resources in term of funding, to drive the blue print agenda and whatever developmental initiatives his mind could conceive.

Lagos is already fifth best economy in the whole of Africa, so we expect him to better this achievement by giving the front four runners, a run for their money in the years ahead.

Kola Amzat,