ALGON pledges to partner with media

The Association of Local Governments in Nigeria (ALGON) Zamfara state chapter has called on the entire working journalists in the state to exhibit honesty and fairness in the discharge of their civic responsibilities.

Chairman of ALGON in the state, Alh Bello Dankande Gamji made this known during an interview with newsmen in Gusau on Thursday.

He counselled journalists to serve everybody irrespective of their political and religious inclinations.

“They should also focus on anything that will ensure the unity and oneness of the country Nigeria and avoid sensational reports with a view to avoiding crisis that may eventually divide the nation and its people.”

He said as far as the public is concerned, journalism is all about bringing peace among the people and educating them on how to live in peace with one another.

According to Gamji, who is also the chairman of Bakura local government, journalists anywhere in the world are the prime movers of peace, and anything contrary, is unethical.

The ALGON boss also explained that as no government at all level can move or work without journalists saying, the need for them to be just and fair is paramount.

According to him, it is unethical for a journalist to take side while carrying out his constitutional and journalistic assignment.

“We want the press men to always give fair hearing all parties they may come across, so that people will not put blame of them of being one sided.”

Also to us as government, we are ready to leave all our doors and windows opened to any journalist who may want to find one thing or another from us, because we don’t hide anything, we are for the people, and therefore we will not run or hide anything that is meant for public,” he added.

On the recent outbreak of the meningitis that claimed several lives in the state, Dan Kande described the tragedy as an act of God, even as he commended the state government for its quick intervention.

“The issue of CMS has come and gone, but actually it was painful. In this respect, I would like to express our gratitude to Almighty for giving the governor of the state the focus and courage to seriously face the problem up to its end, actually government had done its best toward addressing the CMS problem”

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