Addicted to toothpicks

I have been using toothpicks after meals for the past five years because of the space between my teeth where bits of food particles get stuck. However, I read somewhere that using toothpicks is bad for the teeth. Unfortunately, I am addicted to toothpicks and I don’t know how to stop using them.

Usman (by SMS)

The use of toothpicks is one of the causes of space in between one’s teeth. While cleaning your teeth is certainly a good thing, the popularity of toothpicks is worrisome. Like your toothbrush, many people argue that toothpicks can significantly benefit you if used with care. However, when used excessively or improperly, toothpicks might scrape or damage your sensitive gum tissue. A toothpick could cause quite some damage to your gums whether it is made of wood or the modern plastic ones. A toothpick may not be damaging to the teeth, but the gums take a battering when one uses the toothpick too aggressively. Since toothpicks are limited in their ability to reach between your teeth, dentists recommend relying on a dental floss rather than toothpick.  Some foods are notorious for sticking between teeth, but if you constantly find yourself constantly using toothpicks to remove the debris, you may need to see a Dentist. Dentists can easily examine your teeth for improper spacing, or perhaps cavities or holes that allow food and bacteria to gather inside of them. Toothpicks are the most commonly swallowed items, making them a danger to you as well.

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