Zamfara cleric condemns Ile Ife killings

A renowned Islamic Scholar, Sheikh Abdullahi Aleiro in Zamfara State has condemned the recent killings of Hausas  in Ile Ife Osun state and the destruction of their  property  worth millions of naira.

Sheikh Aleiro,  made the condemnation during his weekly sermon  at Rabi’a Friday mosque in Gusau . He  further called on Islamic youth organisations to remain calm and avoid taking reprisal attacks.

The Cleric also  urged the government of Osun State to as a matter of urgency take steps to ensure that  peace and unity among affected tribes returns unabated.  He  also maintained  that those behind the act should be  arrested  and prosecuted .

“Although, there were  no reprisal attacks  anywhere across the north , this was so because of the measures taken by religious leaders to preach for peaceful co-existence as well as government efforts to engage the various community’s leaders to talk to their  people.

Thus, he  insisted that, the government of Osun state must pay compensation  of lives that were  lost and property destroyed during the crisis.

“We consider the  Yoruba community as integral part of us , they are Nigerians as we are, we offer them  lucrative places    to run their legitimate businesses, at some points, we even offer them  traditional titles under our noble emirates across the north”,  he stressed.