Tell her to desist from using her mouth to cause troubles —Husband

A lawyer, Mr Joe Kekong, last week asked the Mararaba Grade 1 Area Court to warn his client against her shameless and consistent troubles in her neighborhood.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reported that the counsel made the request at the Grade 1 Area Court, Aso Pada, Mararaba in Nasarawa State following a request from the woman’s husband, Mr John Matthew.

“Though the accused is my client, she has adamantly refused to heed her husband’s and my advice to embrace peace and tranquility in her neighbourhood.

“Though, I and her husband have talked and advised her, she seems to be stubborn and adamant, so her husband insisted I should tell the court to warn her.

“According to her husband, this is not the first mischief she is involved in and dragged him into, other neighbours had, over the years, complained of her unrepentant bad attitude.

“I would like this honourable court to publicly caution her to refrain from fighting, quarrelling and using her mouth to cause problem for her husband and the entire environment,” Kekong said.

The case was a three-count charge of criminal mischief, assault and nuisance filed against Mrs Esther Matthew, who had allegedly bit the lips of her neighbour, Mrs Anietie Inyangakpan.

Mr Etim Inyangakpan, the husband to the complainant, requested that the accused be asked to write an undertaking never to harass his family again.

Mr Albert Maga, the Presiding Judge, having confirmed the offence from the husband to the accused, who was present in the court, expressed disappointment with the woman’s character and handed a thorough warning to her.

Maga said that her failure to change, live peacefully and respect her family and community would attract severe punishment next time.

The case was struck out following the request from the complainant’s family, demanding they all live in peace henceforth.

The husband to the accused, Matthew, thanked the court for its understanding.

The case was first mentioned on October 10 when the accused pleaded not guilty and was granted bail in the sum of N50,000.