Seeing further than you can see

On the 30th of August, 2016, the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, noiselessly came into Nigeria (on his first visit to sub-Saharan) from Rome, where he went to meet with the Catholic Pope. When he came into Lagos, he did not go to either Alausa or Aso-Rock; he rather went to the CcHUB, Yaba, where he met with some young tech-savvy folks—to learn from them and to probably share a few thoughts with them too! You know life is about learning and teaching.

What do I want you to see? Your vision will settle on where you go and those you move with. Your life will always move in the direction of your vision. And it is visionlessness that makes people go everywhere and move with everyone. Also, stagnation is an offshoot of visionlessness and blindness. You want to move beyond where you are today? Then it is high time you started seeing further than your eyes can see.

A little above 15 years ago, one of my mentees walked up to me on a sunny afternoon and asked me a very thought provoking question. He said and I quote verbatim: “Sir, how can I end up becoming great in life and leadership?” I looked into his eye balls and said to him: “It all depends on how far you can see…” What I did say to him is what I am saying to you today on the condition that you also desire to become great in life, business and leadership.  No one goes beyond how far he can see. And you cannot lead beyond how far you can see. When it comes to every aspect of human life, vision is everything!

The truth is; the best time to dominate tomorrow in your field of assignment is to see it today and then go ahead to create and work assiduously to birth it. A lot of people are hoping for a colorful tomorrow that they cannot see. Buddy, it does not happen that way. You shall need to see it first before you can have it. And you shall need to see it before you can step into it.

Furthermore, why do people engage in unnecessary visits, idle talk, and refuse to think, plan, study and properly invest their time? It is because they cannot see far. When you cannot see far, you’d always look for those who cannot see far as you to spend time in dribs and drabs. In this new month, you shall need to see further than that of last month. Remember, if you cannot see beyond where you are, you cannot go beyond where you are.

I recall my trip to the Plateau State about fourteen years ago. On a very cold morning, I went in company of a very dear buddy for mountain climbing exercise. When I got to the peak of a particular mountain, things that I could not see before getting to the peak of the mountain in question, I was able to see them. It was an indescribable experience. It was awesome.  I said that in order to say this. On one hand, there are ‘valley people’. When you move with them, you’d have a good time wasting your time, but you will not get anywhere. With ‘valley people’ you cannot see far. And those who cannot see far cannot go far. ‘Valley people’ have no drive. They are not bookworm. They have no respect for time. But on the other hand, there are ‘mountaintop people’. When you move with them, you’d be able to see further than your own height can afford you. With just one ‘mountaintop person’ in your life, you’d be able to see what you could not see before. ‘Mountaintop people’ will open your eyes to vast opportunities that abound around you that you cannot see. In this new month, you’d need to dissociate yourself from some people and start associating yourself with some people, who are relevant to your destiny. May you be wise!

Someone said: “When it is dark, you can see the stars.” If there is anything that stops people from being visionary, it is the momentary dark period of their life. Your adversity will end up giving you an edge if you shall be able to disallow it from blocking your inner eye to see the stars, opportunities that abound around you.

Isaac Newton said: “if I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” What does this mean? It means using the understanding gained by major thinkers, who have gone before you in order to make intellectual progress. This is a very powerful wisdom. Locate all the major thinkers in your field of assignment, who are far ahead of you and humble yourself to learn from them. This will make you wiser than your peers. This will help you see further than your eyes can see. Look for books written by giants and read through them. This will change your life forever.

Gather together a people and watch them for the next five years. Those who have vision amongst them will leave behind the rest who are visionless. When it comes to progress, vision is everything. Malaysia and Singapore were once behind Nigeria in everything, but today, we are behind them. Why? It is because they have a vision while we do not have.

No matter how hard things are in a nation, those who can see will always leave behind those who cannot see. Do not forget this: You cannot progress beyond how far you can see. You want to see further than your age, education, social standing and experience? Then locate one or two giants in your field and share your walk with them. If you can put this into practice, in the next five years, you will not only discover your voice, you shall become a voice.

See you where great people are found!