Ondo 2016: Akeredolu promises to give priority to grass-root development

The All Progressives Congress (APC) Candidate for the November 26 gubernatorial election in Ondo State, Mr Rotimi Akeredolu has said the election might be tough but he was sure of victory.

Akeredolu, who stated this in Akure, Ondo state capital,  during an interaction with journalists, said he decided to run for the governorship seat again to demonstrate and put to practice what good governance is all about.

The former President of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) said  the people of the state, especially at the grass-roots, had been denied the dividends of democracy and good governance pledging to give priority to the development of the grass-roots.

He said his administration would put in place proper local government administrating noting that one of the ways the people at the grass-roots were being denied the good things of life was through caretaker committee in local governments.

He promised to have elected local council chairmen across the 18 local government areas in the state within his first six months in office towards bringing government closer to the people.

He said: “The welfare of workers will be our top priority. We will ensure we pay all the salaries and arrears. We won’t owe salary. We know there is no money anywhere. We know that the debt of the state is scaring but we are not scared because we have crack men that will do the job.

“Our focus is to make Ondo State a place that will be envy by other states. It will be a thing of the past that pensioners and workers are being owned.”

“As long as there cannot be a caretaker governor, there should not be a caretaker government at the local level. Election shall be conducted so that the people at the grass-roots can feel the impact of governance.

“We are going to do our best and I am aware they are going to give us a tough test but we will win by the Grace of God and commitment of the people that are yearning for good governance,” he said.