My chronic catarrh

Please, I need help over my chronic catarrh. I have been suffering  from this terrible infection for about four years now. I have also taken many types of drugs  such as Actifed, Procold and Catarrh Capsules and a lot more all to no avail. A doctor even told me to be chewing  white Vitamin C every time, even then, the catarrh still persisted. Please what else can I do to treat this problem

Kenneth (by SMS)


It is obvious that you will need to see a specialist Ear Nose and Throat Surgeon who will thoroughly examine you and  make sure that your nasal passages are free of any form of obstructions. In addition, the doctor will find out from you if you are allergic to anything such as dust, feathers or some drugs. Once all these are confirmed, the doctor may need to wash out your nose with some warm water at the end of which, he may place you on some antibiotics which will prevent a recurrence.