How to make Nigeria prosperous

SINCE President Muhammadu Buhari assumed office last year, he has been straining every nerve towards making Nigeria a great country. The former military Head of State has focused his attention on  putting the economy on a sound footing, while getting rid of corruption, which has become a social malady among the poeple.

To achieve his dream for a new Nigeria, the president has been working hard towards recovering stolen monies by some people who had the opportunity of serving the country in one capacity or the other.

The fall of the naira against the dollar is, however, one area that is seriously affecting our economy, but we can capitalise on it for our benefit.

First, we need to intensify efforts towards reviving agriculture, which has for long been moribund; this will particularly help our dependence on foreign food. We can then save enough foreign exchange through this.

Again, we can develop our extractive sector; minerals like coal, iron-ore, bauxite, tin-ore, bitumen, among others, should be harnessed for our economic prosperity.

We also need to improve our transport system, especially the rail, while making air transport affordable for all Nigerians. In the transport sector, government will need to rehabilitate the roads so as to make the transport of agricultural produce from the rural areas to the urban areas easier.

Encouraging local manufacturers and entrepreneurs to produce quality goods, as well as the provision of uninterrupted power supply, will also go a long way in taking us to our promised land.


  • Ola-Olaniyi Bamgbola, 53, Agbeni Quarters,