Our unity not negotiable, but…

I want to support President Muhammadu Buhari when he declared that Nigeria’s unity is non-negotiable. After the 1967-1970 civil war, I don’t think it is right for some sections of the country to be clamouring for secession.

Nigeria is not like the United Kingdom that will allow citizens to vote on whether certain sections of the country can secede.

However, having said this, it is important that the groups in this union called Nigeria live comfortably.

Everybody must be given a sense of belonging if we truly want the country to unite. Why is it that the Igbo people have not produced the president in Nigeria? Is it true that other sections of the country still fear the Igbo man and will not trust him with power?

These are some of the issues fuelling the secession bid in the country.

President Buhari may say our unity is non-negotiable, but in the absence of trust, there will be no peace.

If other sections of the country will not vote for an Igbo president, then the Biafra secession bid in the South East will continue to be popular with the people.

President Buhari has a great opportunity to restructure Nigeria so that we can achieve the dreams of our founding fathers.

Decentralising Nigeria while empowering the regions is the only way to unite the country.  Every region will now have its future in its hands under the Nigerian umbrella.


  • Nonso Uchechukwu,

Enugu State.

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