Itching after bath | My big abdomen | I find it difficult to sleep

Itching after bath

I itch every time I take my bath whether with cold or hot water. I buy my water from water vendors. What can I do to stop this problem?

Sanni (by SMS)


It is not uncommon to experience a bout of itching after bathing. It may last a short period of time and we often do not give it much thought thereafter. However, for some people, itching after bathing can persist for hours or itching that is constantly present may worsen after bathing. Your itching may be a reaction to the water, soap or sponge you are using for your bath. For this reason, it may be necessary for you to change these items as well as the source of your water. If after changing all these items you still itch, you may need to see a specialist doctor (skin doctor) in order to find out if you also have an underlying skin ailment that may be responsible for the itching.


I find it difficult to sleep

I am a 55-year-old business man. I have been healthy until two weeks ago when I started finding it difficult to sleep. I have tried all kinds of sleeping tablets with no improvement. Kindly help me.

Chidozie (by SMS)


A good night sleep begins with a well aerated bedroom, as well as a comfortable bed made up of good springs and mattress. And while some people may sleep well in a noisy environment, others may need a very quiet and dimly lighted environment to sleep. In addition to this, the state of one’s mind is very important before somebody can sleep well. Therefore, in addition to your comfortable bedroom, you also need to have a stress-free mind before you can sleep. It is equally important for you to see your doctor for a proper medical check up in order to establish that you do not have any ailment such as hypertension, diabetes and other health issues which may prevent you from having a good night’s sleep.


My big abdomen

I am a 31-year-old lady. My problem is that my stomach is big. Please, is there anything you can prescribe that won’t adversely affect me as I am not yet married and currently have no child.
Elizabeth (by SMS)

An enlarged abdomen can be caused by many factors, ranging from excessive weight gain to fibroids among other causes. For this reason, it will be necessary to first investigate the cause of your big abdomen before arriving at a diagnosis and treatment. Some of these investigations, which should be ordered by your doctor, include some blood tests and ultrasound. If the cause of your large abdomen is found to be excessive weight gain, you will need to be placed on a diet and exercise regime for you to lose some weight. If it is due to a big fibroid, surgery which will not adversely affect you will be undertaken.


No teeth at ten months

My son who was ten months old early this month has no teeth yet. I am worried since his two elder brothers all had their first tooth at six months.
Mrs Akande (by SMS)

Although the expected age for first teething is six months, some babies usually erupt their teeth much later in life. A delay in tooth eruption of up to 12 months may be of little or no importance in an otherwise healthy child. Delays often result from such local factors as a tooth in the path of eruption, insufficient space in the dental arch, or dental infection. In view of this, you have nothing to worry unless you notice any other underlying ailments in your child.


Can I have a baby at 50?

I recently remarried after being a widow for four years. Even though I am 50 years old, I still see my menses regularly. Although I had four children for my late husband, I still desire to have one or two for my new husband. My question is whether I can still do this at my advanced age of 50?
Josephine (by SMS)

Even though having a baby at your age has its challenges, with good obstetrics support, you can still have a baby at old age. It is however important to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of having a baby against that of not having any more since you already have four children who by right are also your new husband’s step children.