IKEDC, Ijagemo residents are tired of darkness

Permit me a space in your widely circulated newspaper to express the trouble and greater pains that have become the lot of Ijagemo community and its environs in Lagos State for the past seven weeks.

Since the devastating rains that fell around the above mentioned period, the entire Ijagemo community and its neighbouring towns had been thrown into subdued darkness, with no hope of enjoying electricity supply from the Ikeja Electricity Distribution Company (IKEDC), which has shown no appreciable concern till date.

Despite the incalculable damages caused by electric spark that was occasioned by the thunderstorm, the affected homes had grappled with various losses which they have now counted behind them in order to move-on.  Regrettably, no IKEDC official has come around, either to explain what went wrong, nor provide any explanation on their plans for the restoration of power to the areas.

All we hear from grave-vine is that there is a problem at Ejigbo Transmission Station which affects most of the communities in close proximity to Ijagemo.

Already, we in the area are only living through the grace of God.

Combining power challenge with numerous other problems such as flood, terrible roads, lack of drainages and lack of health and educational facilities, which are non-existent in Ijagemo, these could,  therefore, be  daunting and over-bearing on us.

If not for any other reason, every home needs power to pump out water from bore-holes, and this has no alternative, especially in the face of the biting economic recession.

Predominantly low income earners, peasant farmers and artisans, majority of the inhabitants of Ijagemo community have exhausted their scarce resources fueling generators that are now the main source of energy, rather than being back-up.

If governments, both at the state and local government levels, have refused to show compassion by discharging their obligations, I passionately call on the IKEDC (Ijegun/Ejigbo Undertaking), not to abandon residents of Ijagemo community to their fate, but rather, the company should fix this power situation urgently so that we don’t remain in perpetual darkness.

  • Tony Anaele,

Ijagemo, Lagos State.